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SAP UX Design Services 

Humanise your software user experience (UX) – with UX design services from SAP

Looking for ways to improve user efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction? SAP UX Design Services can help. Our human-centric approach covers everything from UX strategy to implementation – and delivers more than just a beautiful user interface. We can help you build role-based, customised solutions that bring both monetary and human value to your business.

  • Fully understand the needs of your users and match them to the right SAP UX Strategy 
  • Get expert advice on design principles that promote fast and efficient user experiences 
  • Provide a consumer-grade UX for new applications and improve the UX of your existing SAP solutions 
  • Save on training costs and minimise user errors by creating simple, easy-to-use user interfaces (UIs) 
  • Equip your workforce with the knowledge and skills to improve UX throughout your organisation

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Advisory Services

Are you unsatisfied with your UX and don’t know where to start? Our advisory services can help you gain a deep understanding of your users’ needs – and then identify where, when, and how you should invest in UX to maximise value.

  • Evaluate ways to improve end-user efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction 
  • Quantify the business value of UX improvements 
  • Develop short-, mid-, and long-term UX strategies 
  • Determine which SAP solutions and services best meet your UX needs
Realisation Services

Need help implementing your new UX strategy? Our realisation services can accelerate go-live for customised solutions, processes, and innovations focused on user needs.

  • Fast-track the implementation of your new UX strategy
  • Deploy UX enablement tools such as SAP Fiori and SAP Screen Personas 
  • Customise the user experience for your existing SAP software
Innovation Services

Renew your business models, create cutting-edge custom solutions, and accelerate digital transformation – with our innovation services. We can help you increase your UX maturity and adopt design thinking skills across your organisation.

  • Learn how to use design thinking as an approach to innovation 
  • Collaborate with your customers, end users, and design experts to create new solutions 
  • Cultivate a creative culture by reinventing your processes and workspaces, and empowering your people 
  • Set up a UX centre of excellence so you can continue to apply proven design methods

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SAP provides a personalised, responsive, and simple user experience that is role-based across all lines of business for enterprise-wide engagement. It offers unmatched responsiveness on all devices for instant insight to action. And, the simple design across the most relevant tasks drives much higher user satisfaction.

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