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SAP for Me

Say hello to your new digital companion.

SAP for Me overview video

Find out how increased transparency to your SAP products – all in one place – will help you get your job done fast.

SAP for Me is made for you

SAP for Me is a personalised access point to your entire SAP product portfolio.

A personalised access point for comprehensive transparency

In today's 24/7 business environment, time is an organisation's most precious resource. SAP for Me is your digital companion to easily interact with SAP and get immediate guidance to the best solution for you. SAP for Me aggregates important alerts, metrics, and insights about your SAP product portfolio with a single access point.

  • Enhanced transparency into your existing SAP portfolio 
  • Helps expedite effective decisions with a single source of truth 
  • Easier access to data and trainings, increasing the ROI of your SAP investment

Hear what customers are saying

We really appreciate how SAP for Me easily connects to relevant information according to our specific SAP portfolio, interests, and preferences.

Michael Weiskat, Schwarz IT KG

Time spent looking for version numbers, maintenance schedules, release notes, and cloud services is lost to more strategic projects. With SAP for Me, we expect to organise those items in one place and gain back that time to move confidently into a bright future.

Peter Monaghan, Breakthru Beverage Group

We are happy to hear that SAP for Me will bring together information from different sources, and especially that a commercial view of our SAP portfolio will be made available.

Frank Engelbrecht, Deutsche Telekom IT GmbH

Key Capabilities

Portfolio and products

Easily access a personalised product overview for a perfect starting point for exploring SAP for Me.

Finance and legal

Enable purchasers, controllers or similar roles to review your product portfolio from a financial angle. View SAP orders and their licensed materials as well as understand connections to individual products or the consumption of licenses.

Knowledge and learning

Further product knowledge and learning after your purchase of SAP products. Review your assigned SAP learnings or assign learning content to others, get an overview of your earned certificates, or browse new content for any SAP product. 

Maintenance and support

Review planned cloud product maintenance and support incidents across your company.  In the future, additional enhancements such as comprehensive incident handling across your complete SAP product portfolio will be available.

Systems and provisioning

Explore the dimension of systems that are related to an individual product. SAP for Me can be used to locate both cloud-based and on-premise systems. Administrators benefit from the ability to get a quick and simple overview of what’s going on at the system level.

Users and contacts

Find your company and SAP contacts easily with SAP for Me, even as roles and responsibilities change and ensure proper communications are not disrupted.

Cross-functional capabilities

Cross-functional capabilities – such as a central communications centre for user-friendly and context-driven communication between SAP and our customers – provide expanded benefits across all processes.

Get the latest news and trends from experts

Jürgen Jakowski
Chief Product Owner, SAP for Me

Get the latest SAP for Me news

Find information on new features, the latest fixes, improvements and relevant resources in this continuously updated blog from Jürgen Jakowski.

Jürgen Jakowski
Chief Product Owner, SAP for Me

Understanding SAP for Me authorisations

In this blog, Jürgen Jakowski outlines the current authorisation concept of SAP for Me as well as a complete list of all (existing and new) authorisations used today. 

Jürgen Jakowski
Chief Product Owner, SAP for Me

A new beginning with SAP for Me

Learn about the story behind the development of SAP for Me and the ultimate vision of how our customers can consume information and make data-driven decisions for better business outcomes. 

Frequently asked questions

What is SAP for Me?

SAP for Me is a license-free central access point and the go-to destination to cover all your SAP engagements. It speeds up your major activities to ensure best-run businesses as well as simple and fast interaction with SAP. SAP for Me makes disparate information a thing of the past by ensuring users can find everything needed for their portfolio in one place.

With SAP for Me, you will be able to:

  • Get greater transparency based on your role and interests (View)
  • Explore and drill down into specific information types (Inspect)
  • Immediately initiate follow-up activities (Act)
What is the difference between SAP for Me and other SAP portals?

SAP for Me is an over-arching customer portal that provides a consolidated view on your SAP portfolio. Instead of collecting material from multiple portals, find aggregated information in a central place: SAP for Me accumulates data from various sources ("satellites") and presents them in a product-centric way. Through context-specific key metrics and alerts, the intelligent homes screen provides at-a-glance insights into your SAP product portfolio, systems and their status, license utilisation, learning journeys, and support cases. From here, you can take action and will, if required, be directed to a satellite to complete a specific task — making SAP for Me your digital companion that guides you through a variety of SAP resources.

Which requirements must be met to access SAP for Me?

At this stage, access to SAP to Me is restricted to customers and partners with an SAP Support user ("S-user") ID and the required authorisations. It is planned to unlock SAP for Me for P-users at a later stage in 2020 before eventually opening it to anonymous visitors.

What shall I do if I don't have a user ID for SAP for Me?

If you do not have an S-user ID, there are two options:

First, you can access our demo environment to see the many features of SAP for Me straight away.

Second, and provided that you are an SAP customer or partner, you may want to have your very own S-user ID generated by a user administrator in your company. Reach out to your local SAP Customer Interaction Center via phoneemail or chat to identify one of them.

Once you have access to SAP for Me, you might still not see all information: To see restricted content, visitors need to have special privileges. To not interfere with your company's business processes, SAP refrains from assigning these additional authorisations to your user ID. Again, this needs to be done by one of your user administrators.

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