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SAP Vehicle Insights

Vehicle Insights Features

Learn how integrating telematics data with enterprise and customer data can help you improve services and create new business models and opportunities.

Telematics Data Management

Connect, map, and store the masses of telematics data that gets collected by devices in a vehicle.
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  • Connect to devices via HTTP communication over the air
  • Receive data in real time through a powerful messaging pipeline
  • Connect devices via MQTT using IoT services from SAP (a separate subscription is necessary)


  • Create visual mappings of incoming data to the standardised data model in SAP Vehicle Insights 
  • Define and manage custom properties that are received in specific use cases


  • Leverage the power of SAP HANA to access telematics data the moment it arrives 
  • Store data in an efficient and flexible manner 
  • Integrate with SAP Analytics (a separate subscription is necessary) to visualise telematics data 

Vehicle Analytics

Enhance fleet management and reporting based on live vehicle and condition tracking, activity logs, and scorecards.

Generate accurate, timely analytics and insights

  • Track vehicle positions, routes, and conditions in real time
  • Enable geofencing, alerting, and integrated scheduling of service appointments
  • Perform manual or automated logging of activities based on predefined tasks or geofences
  • Monitor driver behaviour and create fleet scorecards

Connected Logistics Vehicles

Flawlessly execute processes for ordering, collecting, and delivering goods.

Detailed Product Scope

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