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Database Management 

Access the data you need in real time

Simplify and accelerate your application landscape with one instance of data in a single database on premise and in the cloud.

In-memory database

Set your foundation for an intelligent enterprise

Meet all your data needs by augmenting business processes with intelligence, delivering insightful analytics faster, and simplifying your IT environment.

Innovate intelligently without boundaries

Develop real-time solutions by supporting transactional and analytical workloads on one instance of data in a platform and with built-in machine learning.

Transform with speed and agility

Extend your footprint and workloads across on-premise and cloud landscapes with a real-time, transparent gateway to local, virtualised, or distributed data.

Hybrid database

Extend your data storage footprint

Expand the on-premise storage capabilities of SAP HANA by offloading data to the cloud, while helping to ensure your data is accessible to consumers as needed.

Support higher or variable workloads

Boost your computing capacity to optimally support your existing deployment of SAP HANA by offloading data processing workloads to SAP HANA Cloud.  

Connect data across premises and clouds

Transform your data landscape with better agility and transparency by virtualising access to your data across SAP HANA, SAP HANA Cloud, or other data sources.

Transactional and analytical processing

Support any type of data

Run many different types of workloads, ranging from transactional to analytical, including multimodel and advanced analytics capabilities and machine learning.

Solve data management challenges

Simplify your platform for analytics data marts with machine learning, predictive analytics, and powerful analytical engines data search, rules, and analysis.

Data modelling

Help ensure high performance with graphical models

Use a graphical representation of business logic to foster collaboration between stakeholders and achieve complex analyses in real-time when a query is submitted.

Multitier storage

Optimise performance, cost, and storage

Enable your applications to access all data independently of where it is stored and modify your database storage preferences to meet user expectations.

Control your data effectively in the cloud

Make data management more cost effective by assigning data to various storage and processing tiers based on its value, such as age, security, and usefulness.

Maximise data value and accessibility

Minimise the cost of managing and storing data by balancing data volume, storage costs, and processing performance with data tiering capabilities.

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