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Monitor highlighting a screenshot of sap data intelligence

Turn data chaos into data value with data intelligence

Establish a solid foundation for your data fabric architecture to connect, discover, profile, prepare, and orchestrate all your enterprise data assets into actionable business insights.

SAP Data Intelligence Cloud Features

Learn about the features and capabilities that SAP Data Intelligence Cloud has to offer.

Data Integration

By connecting and gaining insights from data assets, you can use data to enable intelligent processes and support better decision-making.

Enterprise Data Management

When structured, unstructured, and streaming data is transformed into business insights, every user can be empowered to make better, faster decisions.

Machine Learning

By bringing your machine learning innovations to production quickly, you can maximise business value and increase innovation.

Data Catalog

Next-generation data management features can help you understand your data and help ensure that it’s fit for use.


Find a use case that works for your business

Explore the latest use cases for SAP Data Intelligence Cloud and how your company can benefit from our innovative data solution. 

Extend data integration with SAP Data Intelligence Cloud

Learn how to deliver data-driven innovation and intelligence across your enterprise with SAP Data Intelligence Cloud, a comprehensive data management solution that connects and orchestrates disjointed data assets into actionable business insights.

Product road map

View our road map to explore your current options, as well as planned innovations and future features and functions to enhance your data intelligence capabilities.

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