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Sourcing and Procurement


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Forecast sales precisely with predictive analytics

  • Gain reliable insight by simplifying analytics, from the boardroom to the field
  • Advance sales forecasts with predictive analytics and machine learning
  • Discover, analyse, plan, predict, and collaborate in one integrated experience in the cloud

Boost delivery performance with better insight

  • Gain important insights into current processes related to the fulfilment of sales orders        
  • Anticipate delivery delays of open orders with predictive analytics
  • Enable continuous improvement to build up customer service and satisfaction

Track sales orders using natural language

  • Communicate with ease and accuracy by using natural language processing technology
  • Accelerate sales order tracking with voice- or text-enabled applications
  • Relieve your sales team from mundane tasks so they can focus on critical, meaningful work

Maximise the value of your invoicing and contract AR and AP processes

  • Pull rated events and complete bills from multi-vendor rating or billing streams into a single converged invoice
  • Consolidate service pricing from multiple sources, producing clear invoices that enhance cash flow and decrease disputes
  • Increase AR and AP throughput with automated processes and a unified sub-ledger

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