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Compose breakthrough applications – and connect everything – with SAP NetWeaver

Develop, provision, and manage your mission-critical applications across a heterogeneous software environment – with SAP NetWeaver. Our open application platform provides a comprehensive set of tools and Web services technologies that support seamless enterprise application integration, master data management (MDM), system integration, and more.


Explore our range of SAP NetWeaver products – and learn how an open, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and integration platform can help you deliver a seamless experience across diverse software landscapes.


Link business users to SAP software

Connect business users to SAP software from anywhere – social or collaboration platforms, mobile devices, Web applications, and more – all in real time. SAP Gateway provides simple tools, plugins, and REST Web services and protocols to help make it happen.

Centrally manage decision logic

Centrally manage decision making logic outside of application code – with SAP Decision Service Management. This rules management system empowers business users and IT to define, change, and control access to decision logic without additional IT workload.

Establish a reliable IT foundation

Consolidate your corporate IT infrastructure with SAP NetWeaver Application Server for ABAP and Java. Used in mission-critical installations around the world, it lets you use Web services technologies to ensure reliable, highly efficient IT operations.

Orchestrate your business processes

Integrate your business processes across applications and organisational boundaries – with SAP Process Orchestration. Our BPM platform enables the exchange of data across SAP and non-SAP applications, helps ensure policy compliance, and saves time via automation.



Connect with SAP experts – and get the latest news and views on SAP NetWeaver implementations, upgrades, innovations, and best practices.


Explore fresh capabilities in our integration platform – support for Java 8, cloud integration, evolved technologies, and more.

Interested in installing your own SAP NetWeaver ABAP system? This blog post shares comprehensive resources to get you started.  

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