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Why choose SAP?

All businesses have the same goal – they want to run at their best – offering the best employee experience, products and services, and best customer experience. They also need to break down departmental silos and integrate their data and processes, so that everything runs seamlessly. SAP’s solutions for intelligent enterprises can help you to achieve these outcomes.

Increase organisational agility, and keep your workforce engaged

  • Cohesive experiences that improve engagement
  • People strategies linked to business priorities
  • Increased organisational agility

Deliver the products and services your customers need

  • Put your customers at the centre of your business
  • Full transparency across your networks
  • Safeguarding our planet

Offer personal, trusted, and connected customer experiences

  • In-depth customer understanding
  • Effective engagement across every touchpoint
  • Exceptional delivery of a continuous experience

Control every source and category of spend throughout your business and beyond

  • Adaptable, scalable platform
  • Best-in-class control of each spend category
  • Global Network of solutions and trading partners

Gain insights and increase efficiency to guide your business

  • Real-time financial context
  • New levels of productivity
  • Insight to adapt and improve

Drive continuous innovation with a unified business and technology platform

  • Unified data and development platform
  • Integrate data and processes
  • Data analytics to make confident decisions

How to become an Intelligent Enterprise

SAP's holistic integration approach goes far beyond technical integration of applications — integrating both technology and business processes to deliver significant value to your business — helping you become an Intelligent Enterprise.

Business Technology Platform

The platform for the intelligent enterprise. Achieve your goals with the freedom and flexibility to build, manage, and deploy your applications anywhere on one holistic platform.

Sustainability Management

Being best-run means running sustainably. SAP solutions for sustainability will help customers understand and manage their impact on people and the environment.

Intelligent Suite

SAP offers an integrated suite of applications that support your end-to-end business processes, helping to manage every part of your organisation – employees, customers, products, spend, finance, and IT. 

Industry Cloud

SAP's industry cloud will enable you to discover and deploy vertical solutions from SAP and partners. These help you to apply leading-edge industry best practices and extend your current business processes.

Experience Management

Experience management solutions give insight on the sentiments and feelings of customers, employees, and other business stakeholders. 

Business Process Intelligence

Implement fast, agile, streamlined process optimisation based on real-time insights with recommendations for improvements and automation.

Business Network

SAP Business Network unifies every point of interaction and integration across your trading partners to help business move faster than it ever has before. 

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure helps you to simplify and scale your systems landscape, while ensuring security and performance. SAP Intelligent Enterprise solutions can be deployed to your infrastructure of choice.

Intelligent Enterprise Showcases

Experience the commit water intelligent enterprise showcase

Explore SAP’s vision for the Intelligent Enterprise like never before in this interactive showcase, which follows the path of a water bottle. Take a journey through customer experience, procurement, manufacturing, finance, and more to see how intelligent enterprises can ensure sustainability, profitability, and resilience today and tomorrow.

Strive for success in the responsible economy

Explore how an intelligent enterprise finds the best balance of people, planet, and profit – and acts as a responsible business. In this interactive business simulation, take the position of a CEO and navigate your company out of the crisis and into a sustainably successful future.

Be a best-run business

Adopting a holistic strategy

The results are in: Applying a holistic approach can improve business performance and help navigate challenging times. Download the Oxford Economics research report and ten industry think pieces.

A new mindset for value creation

Adapting to today's economy requires a new mindset: a focus on interconnecting business operations and the experiences of a vast group of stakeholders. Read our full survey report on the value of an interconnector mindset.

Leading with purpose

Managing for a higher purpose has become an expectation for companies. Download the Oxford Economics think piece to learn how best-run organisations integrate social, strategic and environmental goals.

Customer perspectives on transformation

Achieving growth by becoming an intelligent enterprise

Hear how Sensirion, a Swiss sensor company, wanted to stay ahead of the curve by moving data seamlessly across systems to provide insights needed to act quickly. 

Vodafone's Intelligent Enterprise journey

Learn how one telecommunications company achieved significant cost efficiencies by transforming its back-office and support operations with SAP S/4HANA and its
strategic business model.

The future of personalised footwear at adidas

Follow adidas’ planned process for creating personalised, best-fit athletic footwear. Discover how they will design, manufacture, and deliver to individual customer demand – quickly and cost-effectively.

Get started today

Get started with RISE with SAP

RISE with SAP is an on-your-terms and on-your-timeline transformation to the Intelligent Enterprise. It’s a single offer on a single contract that allows you to change when and how you get to where your business needs to go. It offers lower TCO, faster time to value, and the flexibility to address disruption without high upfront investment. It’s everything your business needs for holistic transformation – all in one place. 

Intelligent Enterprise Assessment

Take our short survey to pinpoint your optimal next steps towards building an Intelligent Enterprise. The assessment asks twelve questions about your organisation’s capabilities, performance, culture, and strategic priorities

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