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SAP Business Partner Screening

Grow your business network – securely and compliantly – with restricted and denied party screening software

Screen your business partners against lists flagged by governments and organisations, or find out if they’ve been negatively represented in the media. Our restricted and denied party screening software can help you improve third-party risk management and ensure compliance, in particular with anti-bribery and corruption laws – quickly and cost-effectively.

Why SAP Business Partner Screening?

Because many organisations are legally bound to screen their business partners against restricted or denied party lists flagged by governments and institutions such as the United Nations or World Bank. SAP Business Partner Screening simplifies the screening process, improves vendor compliance management, and reduces the cost and effort of third-party due diligence. 


Meet the Big Data demands of business partner screening with the SAP HANA in-memory database

Use flexible screening parameters to reduce false positive hits – without compromising process integrity

Adapt to changing business and trade compliance requirements – and scale to accommodate growth


Product Capabilities

Learn how SAP Business Partner Screening can simplify the lives of business users and IT staff:

Restricted and denied party screening
  • Use the speed and power of in-memory computing from SAP HANA to screen large numbers of partners against any list
  • Create numerous complementary screening strategies – filtering by line of business, for example, or against specific political or financial risks
  • Perform real-time denied or restricted party screenings, mass screenings, or even “delta” screenings that look only at the updates to a given screening list
  • Empower your business users to modify screening parameters that control fuzziness, matching percentages, exclusion terms, and more – all without IT involvement
  • Use intelligent whitelisting to automatically close new alerts if previous alerts with exact same name, business address, and list classification have been closed  
Real-time alerts and updates
  • Receive an immediate alert when a business partner’s name matches a screening list entity
  • Clear an alert or initiate an investigation with a single click, and escalate very close matches to the next level for a final decision
  • Quickly clear false positives to focus your attention on matches that are of greater concern
  • Ensure false positives aren’t flagged in future screenings as a possible match
  • Detect “weak aliases” to proactively reduce false positives in delta screening  
Integration with other business processes and applications
  • Support both real-time and non-real-time approaches to business partner screening
  • Integrate with other SAP or non-SAP systems to incorporate screening into your business processes
  • Stop transactions involving potentially harmful partners as soon as you discover their status – before they affect you financially or cause damage to your reputation
  • Integrate with SAP Master Data Governance to leverage its capabilities in terms of alert resolution, resolution resource assignment, and more
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