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Screenshot of the strategic dashboard screen available in SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement

Empower marketers to grow customer lifetime value

Happy customers are loyal customers. Reach customers where they are with real-time, personalised, and omnichannel customer engagement.

What is SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement?

Our customer engagement platform can help you deliver personalised, real-time engagements at scale that increase retention and loyalty.


Accelerate time to value, meet customers where they are with what they want, and produce measurable results with real-time, scalable personalisation.

  • Capitalise on revenue opportunities by deploying integrated, personalised, and cross-channel campaigns quickly and at scale
  • Increase conversion rates by using AI-powered insights to understand customers and deliver relevant, real-time engagements
  • Grow your business by reaching millions of customers in the moments that matter with relationship-building interactions

We’re a leader in 36 G2 categories and regions

G2 positioned SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement as an industry leader across numerous digital marketing categories, most notably atop Loyalty Solutions and Implementation. We are humbled and honored by our wonderful customers and reviewers!

Deliver the Value of Omnichannel

Discover how an omnichannel philosophy can generate loyalty and revenue growth.

See how customers are succeeding with SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement

Our e-mail marketing strategy is enhanced with a range of other touch points. SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement allows us to streamline the customer experience post- and even pre-purchase to ensure visitors do not see irrelevant content.

Chris H., CRM Manager, Mid-Market Organisation 

It’s really marketer friendly and really easy to use if you’re a small team or even just an individual.

 Jonathan M., CRM Manager, Gibson Brands, Inc. 

It is straightforward to use and integrates seamlessly with SAP's e-commerce platform. The reporting and out-of-the-box attribution models are first-rate. The preconfigured campaigns save time. The ongoing support is amazing.

David P., CRM & Loyalty Manager, Bapcor Limited 

SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement enables the ability to shift away from static marketing campaigns to more personalised and focused campaigns for our customers. This capability allows us to be more efficient with our spending and resources.

 Jimmy C., Senior Manager of User Experience, The RoomPlace 

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Grow revenue with marketing technology innovation

Accelerate business outcomes and time to value by focusing on innovation and optimisation of your marketing technology stack.

Analyse key retail trends for 2022 and beyond

Find out how you can best adjust your brand to the omnichannel retail landscape in 2022 and beyond in this Econsultancy report.

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