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Opal Wave Solutions Limited: Cloud Score for Business ByDesign

Opal Wave Solutions Limited

20 St Dunstan’s Hill  

London EC3R 8HL



Unlock the data in your ERP system and become an intelligent enterprise with Cloud Score for Business ByDesign.
The templates provide the various reporting and analyst users in your organisation with the data they need, in the format they want, when they need it. The templates are simple to use, with menu driven dashboards that can be customised for individual users and reduces the reliance on Excel for non-finance users. The templates provide increased data accuracy and business insights by using shared master data which greatly reduces the risk of data inaccuracy. Users are able to reduce time spent on report writing and the consolidation of accounts. This cloud-based solution removes the need to purchase and maintain software or hardware and therefore reduces operating costs as there is no need to build and maintain additional data models.

About SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions

SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions are built, sold, and supported by an SAP partner. An SAP-qualified partner-packaged solution is an integrated solution that leverages market-leading SAP software and innovations, together with an SAP partner’s intellectual property, to deliver low-risk, predictable projects at attractive price points – for a rapid time to value.

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