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Thrive in a time of energy transition with utilities management systems that support a sustainable future.

Energy management: The heartbeat of a rapidly changing world

From decarbonisation to decentralisation, energy companies are facing an
unprecedented number of new challenges – and opportunities.

Energy transition Infographic
Energy deregulation

The once-stable energy industry is now being disrupted by new players. Utilities must digitalise their legacy systems or risk losing out to more agile competitors that can leverage DER, decentralised networks, and handle energy at the “grid edge.” By modernizing, traditional providers can diversify their business models and gain new revenue streams.

Decarbonisation challenges

Renewable energy is increasingly affordable and attractive. But as utilities transition into sustainable energy companies, they face new challenges – such as variability in weather-controlled power generation and the impact on demand models. They need accurate, real-time data to efficiently deliver the clean energy that customers are demanding.


Distributed energy resources (DER)– including rooftop solar systems, battery storage, and electric vehicle chargers – are owned by prosumers, who expect their utility bill to reflect both the power they use and the power they generate. Now, billing must evolve from merely a means of collection to a point of interaction and customer communication. 

Digitalisation: key to resilience

With weather disasters at an all-time high, grid resilience is critical.  But energy companies with aging physical assets and paper-based legacy systems can’t leverage innovations that boost reliability – such as smart grids, smart metering, and local energy balancing. What they urgently need is an intelligent, integrated, cloud-based system.

Featured utilities and energy management solutions

SAP E-Mobility

Manage your electric mobility network efficiently on a platform that provides a clear view of charging processes, incidents, energy costs, power grid utilisation, and expenses.

SAP Field Service Management

Empower utilities technicians to rapidly resolve issues and boost customer satisfaction with end-to-end field service management – from mobile tools to AI-based recommendations.

SAP Asset Intelligence Network

Track equipment and IoT data in a central repository that makes it easier to collaborate on asset maintenance, usage, and failures – and keep utilities assets performing at their best. 

The Economic Impact of SAP in the UK

Explore the Oxford Economics report anaylsing SAP's contribution to the economy.

Explore our energy and utilities management solutions

Minimise downtime while keeping energy assets such as pipelines, plants, and sub-stations operating at peak performance. Our utilities asset management solutions provide a single, real-time view of data, so you can closely monitor smart grid conditions, improve asset planning and lifecycle costs, and enhance predictive maintenance from the shop floor to the field.
  • Portfolio and project management 
  • Asset operations and maintenance 
  • Asset performance management  
  • Environment, health, and safety

5% to 25% improvement in overall equipment effectiveness.

Source: BRI



SAP Business Technology Platform gives us the unified look and feel and integrated architecture we need. Leveraging it for building end-to-end processes is a key advantage.

Achim Löbke, Head of Architecture and Optimisation, UniperSE

Run an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) that lets you collect and analyse energy, gas, or water data in real time. Our utility metering solutions provide advanced analytics and dashboards for monitoring, managing, and forecasting energy consumption. Support the entire meter lifecycle, and use technology such as machine learning, to automate and guide users through complex processes. 
  • Meter lifecycle management 
  • Discrete meter reading processing 
  • Handling of time series data 
  • Energy settlement and regulatory compliance 
  • Metering analytics

92% of customer interactions are automated on a self-service portal for lower costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Source: FARYS


With SAP Business Technology Platform, everything is integrated. Our data is in one place. It unlocks intelligence, simplifies innovation, and lowers our total cost of ownership compared to our peers.

Inge Opreel, CIO, FARYS

Interact with customers in real time across any channel and collect feedback you can use to turn utility bills into letters that inform and engage. Our utilities billing and customer service solutions let you create compelling upsell offers, support subscription billing and invoicing, and help encourage energy efficiency with incentives and billing for overages and underages.
  • Flexible subscription billing
  • Personalised marketing 
  • Customer service excellence 
  • Omnichannel sales and commerce 
  • Customer experience management

15% to 40% improvement in customer satisfaction.

Source: BRI


Services and support from SAP Preferred Success helped create a stable system for our critical Operational Call Centre, where we take emergency calls 24x7 using SAP Service Cloud.

Fiona Warburg, CoE Manager, Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water 

Run more efficient field service operations – from service appointments to outage management and emergencies. Our field service management solutions can help you improve customer satisfaction and lower costs with AI-powered scheduling, planning, and dispatch. Take advantage of real-time analytics and reports, mobile tools, automated invoicing, flexible workforce management, and more.
  • Field service management and execution 
  • Extended workforce management 
  • Project management 
  • Service experience management

30% faster processing of operational information, due to automated processes and a single data source.

Source: Siemens Gamesa

Through investment in a new IT platform and a service architecture based on SAP S/4HANA, Siemens Gamesa is ready for the future, with the ability to provide new and improved business models and services for our customers.
Alan Feeley, CIO, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy S.A

Transform every facet of your utilities business – from finance and HR to supply chain management – with the latest technologies. SAP solutions, such SAP S/4HANA Cloud ERP, offer built-in technologies like machine learning to accelerate your digital transformation. Support energy transition and offer new services with a lightning-fast in-memory database, AI-powered analytics, IoT capabilities, and more.
  • Cloud ERP, HCM, and other key applications 
  • Database and data management 
  • Application development and integration 
  • Advanced analytics and reporting 
  • Built-in intelligent technologies

5% to 50% reduction in customer billing, credit, and collection costs.

Source: BRI


Working with SAP Digital Business Services to implement SAP S/4HANA has enabled us to take operational excellence in our management and support functions to the next level. "Simple and uniform" is our guiding principle – and the key to our success.

Dr. Ulrich Borgdorf, Head of Services Accounting/Finance and Project Lead SAP S/4HANA Greenfield Implementation, innogy SE

Get started with SAP’s cloud solutions for utilities

SAP can help you start or enhance your utilities digital transformation – no matter where you are in your journey. If you have yet to move to cloud ERP, get started with RISE with SAP for Utilities. If you already have cloud ERP – from SAP or any other vendor – enhance your utilities capabilities with our industry cloud solutions.

RISE with SAP for Utilities

RISE with SAP provides customers with complete business transformation as a service (BTaaS) in a single package. At its core is the SAP S/4HANA Cloud suite, business process intelligence, technology credits, and more. RISE with SAP for Utilities also includes solutions for:       

  • Predictive maintenance and IoT 
  • Mobile EAM 
  • Energy data analytics 
  • Subscription billing

Industry cloud solutions

Built by SAP and our partners on an open platform, SAP’s industry cloud solutions address specific needs for the utilities and energy sector. Designed to work with your existing SAP and third-party systems, these specialised cloud applications can help you drive cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth.

  • Cloud-based utilities solutions 
  • Built by SAP and our partners 
  • Work with existing systems 
  • Extend your current investments

Featured cloud solutions for utilities

SAP Subscription Billing

Support subscription-based business models while automating and simplifying utilities billing processes. Easily manage contracts, plans, recurring payments, usage data, and more.

SAP Predictive Asset Insights

Manage the health of your utility assets with predictive maintenance and planning based on insights from IoT sensors, machine learning analytics, and digital twin simulations.

SAP Asset Manager

Prolong the life of your utilities assets – and improve their reliability and performance – with online and offline access to a powerful mobile app for enterprise asset management (EAM).

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