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Consumer Products

Embrace intelligent technologies and next-gen business processes to deliver personalisation with a purpose.

Introducing industry cloud solutions

See how industry cloud solutions from SAP can help you run as an intelligent enterprise and deliver value.

Survive and thrive in uncertain times

Learn how to become agile and resilient to support the next "normal" in consumer products.

Getting the juice from digital supply chain transformation at Citrosuco

Explore how one of the world’s largest producer of juice manages their complex supply chain with SAP. 

Innovation is achieved where the brand and consumer story intersect

By 2025, companies that deliver through automation will lead the way. SAP solutions enable consumer products companies to be responsive and provide personal, secure, and simple shopping experiences.


Portfolio and Project Management

Developing new products and services based on value-driven investment decisions.


SAP Portfolio and Project Management


Product Compliance

Manage global product safety and compliance through out the product lifecycle.



Product Development and Configuration for Discrete Industries

Collaborate across silos and integrate product development to get to market first with innovative, compliant products.


SAP Portfolio and Project Management 

Product Formulation and Recipe Development for Process Industries

Accelerate time to market and reduce development cost through integrated and collaborative development of innovative and compliant products.



Design and Project Network

Connect and collaborate with stakeholders to accelerate product and project delivery.


SAP Enterprise Product Development

Efficient Dairy Management

Holistic coverage of the milk production processes based on SAP ERP.


SAP Dairy Management by msg

Efficient Protein Management

Holistic Coverage of the protein management and production processes based on SAP ERP.


SAP Meat and Fish Management by msg

Manufacturing Execution (Industry 4.0)

Connect, monitor, and tightly control manufacturing processes and operations by integrating with business and manufacturing systems to enable efficient, high quality production on the shop floor.


SAP Manufacturing Execution

SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

Manufacturing Operations

Identify and prioritize critical material issues and maximise enterprise-wide visibility across supply, production, inventory, and demand.



Environment, Health, and Safety

Reduce environment, health, and safety risks to help ensure safety and business continuity.


SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management

Asset Operations and Maintenance

Manage physical assets to cut operating and capital costs and improve operational safety and asset use.


SAP Predictive Asset Insights

Asset Performance Management

Connect digitally with a central data foundation across all assets to perfect reality from design to operation.


SAP Predictive Asset Insights

Demand Management and Insights

Create accurate demand plans by gaining insights to achieve productivity and customer satisfaction.


SAP Integrated Business Planning

Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning

Plan the supply chain to anticipate and manage demand, inventory, and operational risk and opportunity.


SAP Integrated Business Planning

Response and Supply Planning

Create and maintain supply plans aligned with business goals as demand and supply change.


SAP Integrated Business Planning

SAP Ariba Solutions

Warehouse Management

Improve warehouse management with optimised planning and automated processes.


SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Transportation Management

Reduce costs and improve service with streamlined transportation management processes.



Track and Trace and Logistics Networks

Maximise supply chain logistics strategy and comply with regulations with a digital operations networks.


SAP Global Track and Trace

Order Promising

Commit orders in real time meeting business rules and enhancing customer satisfaction.



Single Customer View

Gain insight from a single view of your customers and deliver personalised experiences across the entire customer journey.



Sales Force Automation

Enable your sales teams to act faster and sell more effectively with sales force automation.


SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud

Trade Promotion Management

Gaining profitable insight on each dollar spent.


SAP Sales Cloud

Subscription Management

Meet the needs of the outcome focused consumer with an agile billingsolution designed to monetize any consumption model.



Omnichannel Commerce Management

Drive your business and win with an industry-leading omnichannel commerce platform.


SAP Commerce Cloud

Omnichannel Customer Service

Deliver an omnichannel customer service experience to exceed customers’ expectations.


SAP Field Service Management

SAP Cloud for Customer


See how customers are succeeding with SAP

Unlock new business value

Embrace the Intelligent Enterprise

Address the challenges and opportunities in the new world of consumer goods technology. Unlock your Intelligent Enterprise.

Create a winning strategy for Industry 4.0

Want to turn challenges into opportunities, connect with customers, and integrate partners? Explore SAP’s strategy for Industry 4.0 and how you can leverage it in your consumer goods business. 

The future of customer experience

How can companies thrive in a world where customers themselves specify the terms of the relationship, but then let AI guide their buying journey?

SAP Roadmap for consumer products

Explore our SAP consumer products road map to learn about current industry solutions, planned innovations, and future direction.

Current release highlights

  • Improved support for decision-making
  • Consumer sentiment analysis
  • Better collaboration across international teams

Upcoming innovations

  • Faster time to market
  • Increased transparency across shop floor activities
  • Full tax compliance 
  • Reduced in-store merchandising costs

Future plans

  • Reduce costs to serve
  • Improve consumer experiences
  • Embed experience feedback into brand, product, customer experience, and workforce management

Transform your business with SAP Services and Support

Evolve your business with services and support from SAP – your trusted adviser for digital transformation strategy and execution.

Simplify and accelerate your digital transformation

Support critical business processes on your path to innovation and digital transformation with holistic, end-to-end services that reflect over 40 years of knowledge, experience, and innovation.

Transform your business with unparalleled service support

Close the gap between your digital transformation strategy and execution with innovation discovery, digital strategy, and business transformation services from a trusted adviser that knows SAP software best.

What are analysts saying?

How Consumer Products Companies Can Accelerate the Post-Crisis Recovery of the Supply Chain

See how consumer brands across every category can persevere through the current disruption using real-time data.

How Ferrara Slashed Development Costs by 70% to Stay ‘Ferrara Fast

Discover how Ferrara was able to increase the speed at which it integrates data using SAP consumer products solutions. By implementing our consumer goods technology, they experienced a 70% reduction in development cost and a 90% reduction in time to build data models.

Why choose SAP?

>10 %

increase in customer satisfaction.

SAP S/4HANA white paper

>25 %

reduction in inventory levels.

SAP S/4HANA white paper

>10 %

increase in on-time delivery.

SAP S/4HANA white paper

Get fresh perspectives from consumer products experts

Karin Fent
Head of Global Customer Success Digital Supply Chain

Here’s How Top European Brands Keep Pace With Demand

How does a leading business keep pace with changing customer demands, high product standards & sustainability? Discover how Werner & Mertz achieved remarkable value-driven results by digitalising its manufacturing operations across its entire value chain using SAP technology.

Robin Meyerhoff
Director Of Strategic Communications, Transformation Office at SAP

Ghana’s Ambitious Plan To Minimize Plastic Waste

With just a 5 percent recycling rate, Ghana is fast emerging as a regional front runner committed to creating a domestic recycling industry. Explore how SAP has worked to build a digital system that connects and tracks the volumes and types of plastic, where it goes, and the prices paid across the value chain. 

Katarzyna Maciak & Manthan Peshne
Product Manager at SAP S.E & Go To Market Lead North America

Maintain Profitability In The Face Of Disruption: The Value Of Product Lifecycle Costing

Supply chain disruptions that characterise the COVID-19 pandemic can wreak havoc with profitability. Now more than ever, product lifecycle costing (PLC) must emphasise transparency and easy collaboration with supply chain partners. Dive deeper into the core business needs associated with PLC.

Communities and Events

SAP Consumer Products on LinkedIn

Stay up to date on the latest trends, innovations, and solutions. Join other stakeholders to learn and share insights through blogs, discussions, and networking. Find out how SAP can help digitally transform your consumer products business.

Manage your business enterprise-wide

Explore our solutions for all business processes across all industries. Don't hesitate in building your connected CPG business.

Human Resources

Simplify HR processes and engage your workforce to drive better business results, empower your workforce, and develop your talent.


Bring together financial processes with automated, real-time analytics, and translate them into forward-looking business insight across the entire organisation.


Take advantage of in-depth data analysis, predictions, and processing of complex events, and combine data from a variety of sources into one, integrated platform.

Database and Data Management

Leverage business applications that use the latest technology advancements – including the SAP HANA platform, cloud, mobile, and more.

Application Development and Integration

Deploy high-velocity, intelligent edge applications using business and technology services.

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