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With advanced data intelligence, banks can drive innovation, customer satisfaction, and shareholder value.

Digital transformation is paving the way for innovation in banking

Banks that drive digital transformation are using data in the cloud and intelligent technologies to lower costs and maximise speed while improving the customer and employee experience.

Top of mind trends in the Banking industry
Migration to the cloud

Banks are operating in the cloud safely and more nimbly by leveraging intelligent technologies, such as AI and machine learning (ML), for improved speed and accuracy. They can develop new business models in the cloud to avoid being disrupted, gain efficiencies to fund innovation, and transform mission-critical systems while mitigating business risk. 

CFO as a strategic visionary

The role of the CFO is evolving and expanding with the use of data analytics and intelligent technology. Moving beyond financial reporting and P&L, CFOs are leveraging advanced data analytics to gain greater insight into strategic planning and help line-of-business heads make better-informed decisions. 


Banks are facing increasingly complex sustainability requirements in balancing the needs of the investor, the transition to carbon neutrality, and the advancement of social goals while grappling with regulations and data gaps. Through the use of advanced data analytics and reporting, banks can more easily meet these requirements.

Competition for talent

To attract and retain the top talent needed to drive digital transformation, banks are providing employees with the most advanced digital tools and an overall experience that fosters employee engagement, growth, and satisfaction.

Featured banking solutions

SAP S/4HANA Cloud for finance

Managing risk, complying with regulations, and providing accurate and timely information is essential in banking. Our cloud ERP software can help banks stay compliant, manage financial data, control costs, and reduce risk. 

SAP SuccessFactors solutions

Staying ahead means attracting and keeping the right talent. Our responsive workforce management solutions can help banks achieve this with robust human capital management capabilities and in-depth employee experience insights.

SAP Ariba solutions

By improving visibility into spend, banks can identify savings opportunities within their global supplier base. Our solutions can help digitalise and automate procurement and supplier collaboration for greater spend agility.

Get started with SAP's cloud solutions for banking

SAP can help you start or enhance your banking digital transformation – no matter where you are in your journey. If you have yet to move to cloud ERP, you can get started with the RISE with SAP solution. If you already have cloud ERP – from SAP or any other vendor – you can enhance your banking capabilities with our industry cloud solutions.

RISE with SAP solution for banking

RISE with SAP provides customers with complete business transformation as a service (BTaaS) in a single package. At its core is SAP S/4HANA Cloud, business process intelligence, technology credits, and more. RISE with SAP also includes solutions that can help you:

  • Drive more business value
  • Mitigate risk
  • Reduce IT cost
  • Accelerate time to value 

Industry cloud solutions

Built by SAP and our partners on an open platform, SAP’s industry cloud solutions address specific industry needs for the banking sector. Designed to work with your existing SAP and third-party systems, these specialised cloud applications can help you drive cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth.

  • Cloud-based banking solutions 
  • Innovative technology from SAP and our partners
  • Straightforward integration with existing systems
  • Extension of your current investments

Featured cloud solutions for banking

SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud

Get intuitive, cloud-based tools to define, build, and manage sophisticated and flexible business models without IT involvement. You can increase trust by replacing manual, error-prone spreadsheets with robust processes.

myWave.AI Intelligent Personalisation Platform

Deliver intelligent personalisation by combining AI, personal data, and proactive automation to make every product or service centered on the individual customer, allowing you to serve customers as individuals at scale.

Cloud for Banking (C4B) by Fioneer

Use a next-generation, wallet-type solution that enables banks to store and manage transactions of all “currency” types, such as fiat, digital currencies, tokens, and loyalty points for your customers.

Explore your banking resource centre

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Driving digital acceleration in banking

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Increasing performance for financial workloads

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Recharging Global Finance - TCS and LSEG

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Google Cloud and SAP: Transformative technology

Learn how SAP Partners with Google Cloud to enable banks and fintechs to transform their business and operating models. 

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Learn how Lloyds Banking Group moved from an expensive legacy accounting system to an API-first SAP platform for corporate customers.

Customer success
Replacing resumes with digital behavioural assessments

Learn how Scotiabank improved its campus hiring process to be fairer, objective and data-driven.

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