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Google Cloud Launcher – Connect to a Tenant database from SAP HANA Studio

By Daniel Wroblewski

This how-to explains the steps to connect to a tenant database in SAP HANA, express edition, created in the Google Cloud Platform created from the Launcher

How-To Details

Provides instructions to complete the necessary configuration to connect to a tenant database from SAP HANA Studio. The tenant database was created in an SAP HANA, express edition, in the Google Cloud Platform.

Step 1: Open the Administration cockpit

Using a user with the proper permissions, such as SYSTEM, open the Administration cockpit by selecting the connection to SYSTEMDB and clicking on the Administration button.

Click on administration

Click on the Configuration tab and use the value use_default_route as a filter:

Look for default route
Step 2: Add a new key-value pair

Right-click on public hostname resolution and on Add parameter. Use map_hxehost as the key and your external IP as shown in the Compute Engine as the value.

Add key-value pair

Click on Finish.

This is what public_hostname_resolution should look like:

Hostname mapping
Step 3: Add the connection in SAP HANA Studio

You can now proceed to connect to your tenant DB as a New System:

Connect to a tenant DB
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