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Load ESRI files via Eclipse

By Vitaliy Rudnytskiy

Load ESRI files via Eclipse


You will learn

  • How to load ESRI shape files into SAP HANA using Eclipse

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Step 1: Download Geotech files

Download two zip files from to your computer.

Uncompress them.

Step 2: View file content with Mapshaper

Open Mapshaper web site and load file to check the content.

Step 3: Create a schema to load files

Create a schema GEOTECH using SQL.

Step 4: Load files via Eclipse

In Eclipse in SAP HANA Administration go to File -> Import.

Select an import wizard for SAP HANA -> ESRI Shapefiles. Click Next


Select you SAP HANA instance as a target, if asked by the wizard.

In Specify Location screen select the option to load from current client (i.e. from your laptop).

Click Browse and point to the directory Continets, where you uncompressed the zip file.

Find location

On Select ESRI Shapefiles to import you should see continent has been found in the directory and added to Selected Shapefiles.

Select shapes

On Options… screen type:
- Schema: GEOTECH
- Replace existing tables: checked
- Number of parallel threads: 4
- Spatial Reference Identifier: 1000004326

Select options

Click Finish

Step 5: Verify loaded data

Check there are 8 records loaded using SQL:

Step 6: Load countries file

Repeat the same steps to load cntry00 data into "GEOTECH" schema as well.

Updated 09/13/2018

Time to Complete

20 Min.



  • Eclipse is setup for CodeJam exercises
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