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Add a Database to Your Business Application

By Cecilia Huergo

Deploy the data model to the SAP HANA database that is associated with your enterprise or trial account.


You will learn

  • How to deploy the data model you created for your business application to the SAP HANA database using SAP Web IDE Full-Stack.

Step 1: Add a database

Right-click the db module and choose Build.

Build the db module

Wait for the notification that says the build was successful.

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Step 2: Enable SAP HANA Database Explorer

To view the generated deployment artifacts, SAP HANA Database Explorer must be enabled in SAP Web IDE. If you have already enabled the SAP HANA Database Explorer, go to step 3.

  1. Go to Tools | Preferences | Features.
  2. Search for the database explorer and enable it.Enable the database explorer
  3. Choose Save.

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Step 3: Open the SAP HANA Database Explorer
  1. Go to Tools | Database Explorer.
  2. Choose ConnectConnect to the database
  3. Select the bookshop database.

    Add the database

Once connected you can view the different database artifacts. For example, the books table that you have created.

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Step 4: Fill in initial data
  1. Download the following files:
  2. In your workspace, go to bookshop/db/src/, right-click on the src folder and choose Import | File or Project.
  3. Browse to the location where you have saved the Authors.csv file.
  4. In the Import to field, add /csv to the default location and choose OK.

    This creates a /csv folder under /bookshop/db/src and adds the Authors.csv file to that location.

  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add the remaining 3 files to /csv folder.

What is the purpose of the Data.hdbtabledata file?
Step 5: Re-build the db module and run the app
  1. Right-click the db module and choose build.
  2. Right-click the app module and choose Run | Run Configurations.
  3. Choose Run flpSandbox.html and deselect Run with mock data.
  4. Choose Save and Run.
  5. Open your app from the SAP Fiori Launchpad and choose Go.

You now have actual data served automatically.

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Updated 09/16/2018

Time to Complete

10 Min.



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