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Navigation will be universal and consistent across all SAP sites, giving you a better user experience. You'll find content quickly and easily, regardless of your entry point into

Across all SAP sites, you'll see the same headers: "Solutions," "Support," "Training," "Community," "Developer," "Partner," and "About." 



On the "Community" header, the dropdown menu will allow you to select: "Overview," "Browse the Community," "Blogs," "Q&A," "Coffee Corner," "Archive," and "About the Community."

  • Overview: This area will provide you access to SAP community news, "Member of the Month," what's trending, recent blogs and Q&A, and events, as well as information about the SAP community.
  • Browse the Community: Here, you will find links to community topic pages (CTPs) – such as SAP Lumira, SAP Master Data Governance, Supplier Relationship Management, and ABAP Development.
  • Blogs: Most blog posts from SCN will be migrated to WordPress, and they can be accessed in this area. New blogs will appear here as well.
  • Q&A: You'll be able to get answers to your questions here. Q&A will replace forums.
  • Coffee Corner: This will be the official place to share and discuss topics of interest to you. You will also be able to interact with other community members, comment, and like or follow discussions.
  • Archive: Here, you'll find read-only discussions. Some documents from the previous SCN platform will also be available.
  • About the Community: On this page, you'll find the Rules of Engagement, discover information about how to build relationships within the SAP community, get advice, interact with SAP Mentors, and access support. 
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