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Members of Coldplay, an SAP customer

Coldplay: Helping five million fans make smarter choices for our planet

Coldplay’s road to sustainability with SAP

Looking for ways to make their next world tour more sustainable, Coldplay discovered that audience travel made up a large portion of the tour’s carbon emissions. With SAP, the band created the Coldplay Music Of The Spheres World Tour app to provide fans with insight into the planetary impact of their travel to and from the show, guiding them to make more sustainable choices. The app provides Coldplay with greater transparency into the environmental impact of their tour and a direct connection to their fans.

The Challenge

Not just another world tour, but a sustainable one

The excitement of going to a concert can overshadow the impact such a big event can have on the environment. For Coldplay, it was vital to make their next world tour as environmentally friendly as possible. With over five million fans traveling to see their shows, Coldplay discovered that audience travel made up a large portion of the tour’s scope 3 carbon emissions. Looking for a global partner with a passion for sustainability, Coldplay joined forces with SAP to help change the way their tour impacts our planet.


For the past few years, we’ve been figuring out how to put sustainability at the heart of our tour, and the app plays a big role in bringing that vision and commitment to life. We’re really proud of the collaboration with our partner SAP, which has created an impactful, engaging app that helps our fans choose more sustainable ways to travel to our shows.


The Solution

Increasing sustainability and creating a unique fan experience

As a global technology innovator of sustainable business solutions, SAP worked with Coldplay to develop the Coldplay Music Of The Spheres World Tour app to help make their tour more sustainable. The app is made up of four sections: Travel, Tour, Universe, and Planet.


So how does it all work? Powered by SAP Analytics Cloud, the band’s team can see environmental impact by concert, country, and continent to better understand how they will offset emissions throughout the tour.


SAP Business Technology Platform enables the app to maintain details about the tour, venues, and supporting acts. It highlights Coldplay’s sustainability partners, publishes band videos, sends real-time push notifications to fans for shows, and encourages fans to select greener travel options when attending shows.


SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises, a comprehensive cloud offering on SAP Business Technology Platform, is being used to calculate fans’ carbon footprint on the Travel section of the app.

The Result

Fans have visibility into their carbon footprint and exclusive insights into Coldplay's tour

Made up of four different sections, the Coldplay Music Of The Spheres World Tour app has exclusive features that make it best in class.


Travel section: Fans can calculate the impact of their travel to and from shows, selecting from seven different modes of transportation. The app will provide rewards through merchandise discount codes to be used at Coldplay’s online shop for fans that commit to low-carbon transportation options.


Tour section: This section provides tour information and details for fans looking to attend an upcoming show. Fans will get information on tour dates and locations, updates on ticket availability, and access to exclusive videos and pictures, with the ability to tag favourite shows and share concert information with friends.


Planet section: Fans have the chance to gain insights into Coldplay’s sustainability efforts through interactive sustainability-themed games and find information about the band’s sustainability partners.


Universe section: To create a more engaging and unique in-app experience, SAP is leveraging augmented reality (AR) to bring fans deeper into the Coldplay universe. Fans can position dancing aliens from the “Higher Power” music video in their chosen environment to perform and can create videos and take pictures that can be shared across social media.

Christian Klein
CEO and Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE

With our technology and solutions, we empower organisations worldwide to drive sustainable change. Coldplay and SAP share a common and profound commitment to sustainability, and we are thrilled to join forces to make their tour as environmentally friendly as possible.

SAP is bringing profit and planet together with Coldplay

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