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Aleksander Szlachcic

IT Application Consultant  

Aleksander's story

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What excites me about my role is that I work with the most modern technologies at SAP and have the opportunity to work for one of the top companies in the world.

Aleksander Szlachcic

Aleksander joined SAP Labs Poland in May 2021 as an IT Application Consultant having graduated from a postgraduate course on SAP S4 HANA Modern ERP systems.

I grew up in Gliwice, Poland but first heard about SAP when I was studying at Devry University in Chicago about 10 years ago. I thought at that time I it would be cool to one day work with SAP systems! Several years later I decided to enroll onto a postgraduate course on SAP S4 HANA Modern ERP systems, which I completed in early 2021. After graduation, I heard about a role at an SAP office in my hometown and decided to apply.

What excites me about my role is that I work with the most modern technologies at SAP and have the opportunity to work for one of the top companies in the world. I explain my role to my friends like this: I tell them that I work as an IT Specialist in a specific area that is of great demand in the IT world and I am responsible for Quality Assurance. A typical workday is exciting and brings tasks that I enjoy working on. This includes daily calls, working on tasks, virtual catch-ups with colleagues, specialized trainings, knowledge transfer sessions, practicing of learned material, meetings for planning and discussions with the business on project-related tasks.

To me, success means achieving desired goals and being proud of them; having the feeling of accomplished tasks and being happy that teamwork brought good results and other challenges helped to strengthen the team. I feel that with SAP I can surely achieve this success. Having recently joined SAP, I can see that the career path here looks really great as I can see exactly what my next trainings will be like and what I will be learning and how I can use it practically in my work. I have been also receiving great support and knowledge transfer from my buddy, who assists me and guides me during my onboarding process. Also, communication with my manager works really well and helps me get a clear view on what the expectations are in my role. After only five weeks in the project, I feel I have learnt a lot!

In my team, people collaborate really well with each other. It is a team that consists of professionals in which all members know their tasks and can also assist another person with any questions or topics that need to be discussed. I also like the diversity within the team, I work in a truly international environment with colleagues from all over the world.

Outside of work I love sports activities, listening to music, watching action/adventure movies and TV series, and playing video games. I am a very active person who exercises as much as possible outdoors after work. Currently I am preparing for my 6th Kyu Kuokushin Karate exam for a yellow belt in Wroclaw, taking Krav Maga courses along with sniper precision shooting courses every 3 months. I will also participate in two survival races this year. One is a team challenge where I will cooperate with another person to achieve a common goal and finish the race with the best score possible.

Fun Fact:

As a child, I was always dreaming of becoming a fighter-jet pilot and loved playing computer games, but my first job was actually selling flowers and ice-cream on a beach during the summer. I would carry a bag of sweets, a small portable fridge with plenty of ice-cream (had a special small vehicle for that) and would even sing a song for someone who decided to buy at least two ice-creams and a flower.

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