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Ekaterina Markova 

Finance Expert

Ekaterina's story

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.


Overall SAP represents freedom, flexibility, care, support, quality, and a lot of opportunities.

Ekaterina Markova 
Finance Expert

My name is Ekaterina Markova; I have been with SAP for 13 years and I'm a finance expert based in beautiful Prague.

I was born in Murmansk, in the northern part of Russia, and started working for SAP in Moscow 13 years ago when my sister, who was already working there, suggested I apply for Contract Specialist position. I later moved to SAP Kazakhstan and then six years ago I relocated to the Czech Republic where I now live with my husband.

In my current role, I am part of the Global Commercial team which is responsible for global delegations of authority and how these reflect in our systems. We define the approval processes for deals and deal set-ups. I also participate and lead different commercial projects with aim to simplify and digitalize commercial processes at SAP.

My role provides great opportunities to work with people from literally all the world. I have regular interactions with colleagues from China, Brazil, Peru, Thailand, USA, Germany, France, Russia, and many other countries. It allows me to learn from others and broaden my horizons from both the professional and personal point of view.

To me, success means being satisfied with your life, being happy with your job, having good quality of life and a work-life balance which allows you to spend time with you loved ones and take care about yourself. SAP is a great place to work from this perspective.

It’s hard to choose the best moment working at SAP. There really are a lot to choose from. I suppose the most exciting moments for me were the moments when I moved to Almaty and Prague for my new role.

I have met several great people during my SAP journey who have had a positive influence on my personal and professional life. There are my managers, I really appreciate each of them, and several colleagues who are my role models and have become close friends. Also, in 2020/21 I participated in the Future Female Leadership program where I have had great mentors and coaches.

What I love about SAP is that all the slogans we have inside our organization are not just buzzwords. I also really see how our top management cares about people - especially during the pandemic. We didn’t have any staff reduction and always had support and full transparency. Also, diversity is not just a trend in our company. It is a priority. I had never experienced any issues with my nationality or gender. I never felt that it really matters for any of my colleagues.

Overall SAP represents freedom, flexibility, care, support, quality, and a lot of opportunities.

Outside of work I like to travel, to hike, doing yoga and chilling at home with a good book and a glass of wine. I would love to discover the countries in Africa as well as New Zealand and Peru.

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