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Subscription Billing and Revenue Management

Monetize digital transformation through high-volume, subscription billing and revenue management

Play to win in today's digital services marketplace with software for high-volume, subscription billing and revenue management. Our software can help you:

  • Exploit fast-moving market opportunities by quickly changing customer pricing and partner revenue-sharing models
  • Launch customer-centric subscription offers that set you apart from competitors
  • Ramp up efficiency to integrate the order-to-cash process and deliver low TCO
  • Improve visibility from customer management to revenue recognition

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Solution Capabilities

Included Capabilities

Subscription Order Management

Boost average revenue and reduce churn with subscription order management

Engage B2C or B2B customers with a consistent experience across all touch points with subscription order management solutions. SAP software will help you:  

  • Acquire new customers with targeted subscription offers
  • Find the right mix of products, projects, recurring and on-time services, and usage charges for customers
  • Change existing subscriptions quickly to lower your customer churn rate
Billing Mediation

Simplify data access across networks with billing mediation

Collect data from a wide range of data sources and network technologies with billing mediation solutions. SAP software allows your company to:

  • Filter, transform, and consolidate data feeds into required formats before routing to applications
  • Support real-time and batch processing
  • Eliminate the need for multiple, disparate solutions and significantly reduce costs
  • Respond quickly to new market challenges with an intuitive user interface

SAP Hybris Billing, mediation by DigitalRoute

Service Control

Deliver a better subscriber experience with real-time service control

Improve customer service with service control solutions that work in real time. With SAP software your company can:

  • Collect and process data from a wide range of data sources and network technologies
  • Count and aggregate service usage events and react on predefined thresholds or limits
  • Send event summaries directly to a rating and charging system
  • Bring real-time, subscriber-centric control closer to the operational service platforms

SAP Hybris Billing, service control by DigitalRoute

Pricing and Charging

Stay ahead of the competition by bringing attractive pricing offers to customers faster

  • Get pricing offers to market quickly with configurable pricing that eliminates the need for coding
  • Improve pricing agility by managing pricing for multiple services on a single platform that dynamically scales from small to extreme transaction volumes
  • Create personalized, targeted offers while keeping your product catalog manageable and consistent

SAP Hybris, charging


Simplified invoicing that enhances cash flow and customer care

SAP software pulls together information from several billing streams and individual-rated events. This functionality enables service providers to consolidate charges into a single invoice and give a complete view of the customer. Providers can accommodate partnerships with third parties and ramp up new services by clearly delineating which party is responsible for any given charge. They can also manage sophisticated rules for invoice-level discounting. By greatly simplifying complex billing processes, providers can give customers a single, consolidated invoice, while delivering better, more personalized services.

SAP Hybris Billing, invoicing

Flexible Solution Billing

Simplified billing that enhances cash flow and customer satisfaction

With SAP software for flexible solution billing, professional services firms can bill for packaged offerings (services, projects, and products) with one, consolidated invoice - providing customers with the simplified billing they demand. Supporting a configurable invoicing process, the software provides full control over the billing process as well as the capability to personalize an invoice before it is sent to the customer. This level of control helps ensure accurate and timely billing to reduce days sales outstanding (DSO).

SAP Hybris Billing, flexible solution billing

Digital Documents
Handle payments, accounting, controlling, and reporting of high volumes of financial transactions
  • Reduce costs and free your agents to deliver expert service by automating receivables management processes
  • Help agents manage customer accounts and avoid uncollected revenue through integrated customer care and dispute management
  • Improve user satisfaction by managing payments from multiple sources in one system and enabling flexible payment options
Receivables Management and Payment Handling

Accounting, controlling, and reporting of high volumes of financial transactions

SAP software considers every possible payment channel and provides sophisticated and flexible clearing control. This functionality enables billing professional to assign individual clearing strategies, automate payment reconciliation, and generate reports aligned with accounting principles. Processing payments in a highly automated manner enables the billing team to reduce days sales outstanding and processing costs. As a result, customer satisfaction increases because payments are accurately and quickly processed while collections target the proper customers.

SAP Hybris Billing, customer financials

Credit and Collection Management

Informed credit decisions and collections processing that are tailored to individual customer profiles

SAP software delivers reliable, comprehensive credit scoring of new and existing customers based on historical customer data integrated with external credit rating agencies. It fully automates routine tasks in the collections process for mass volumes of customers, such as the calculation of interest payments. Billing personnel can change and continuously optimize collections strategies by using Champion/Challenger analysis as well as in-house teams and external collections agencies. A complete picture of the credit and collection history of new and existing customers enables providers to reduce days sales outstanding and the risk of nonpayment, while retaining loyal customers.

SAP Hybris Billing, customer financials

Financial Customer Care and Dispute Management

A complete view of customer financial information to quickly answer inquiries and resolve disputes

SAP software provides call center staff with a complete view of customer financial information, outstanding bills, bill details, and payment history. Agents can quickly make adjustments, modify customer contracts, change payment details, set up installment plans, create credit notes, or mark disputed items as locked to exclude them from automated collections processing. As a result, the volume of support calls decrease and disputes are handled in less time with less cost. And for customers, that means they have another reason to stay loyal: rapid and complete support from knowledgeable call center agents.

SAP Hybris Billing, customer financials


Deliver a simplified, personalized billing and ordering experience

SAP Hybris Revenue Cloud provides a simplified, automated approach to managing your Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ), billing and ordering processes from the cloud.

MGI 360 Market Ratings Report: Agile Billing Solutions

The MGI 360 Market Ratings report details the key requirements for billing software solutions and recommendations based on research and analysis by MGI Research with input from clients, suppliers, ecosystem partners and industry practitioners.

Forrester Wave: Subscription Billing Solutions

Take a look at Forrester’s insights on key capabilities for the subscription billing market that businesses should emphasize when evaluating vendors for their B2B vs. B2C strategy and cloud architecture


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Companies are re-inventing their products, sales and revenue generation processes, driving the need for a new breed of sales leader – someone responsible for optimizing all revenue generation processes.
At the current turnover rate, 75 percent of the S&P 500 companies from 2012 will be replaced by 2027, with the average company lifespan having dropped from 61 to 18 years over the past 60 years.
Per Gartner, the Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) market is expected to grow at 20% annual growth rate through to 2020, with cloud based CPQ solutions expected to drive almost all that growth.

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