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SAP for Me is made for you

Gain comprehensive transparency with a personalized access point

In today's 24x7 business environment, time is your most precious resource. The SAP for Me portal enables you to interact easily with SAP; get immediate guidance to the best solutions for your business; and access important alerts, metrics, and insights about your SAP product portfolio from a single access point.

  • Enhanced transparency into your existing SAP portfolio 
  • Support for fast, effective decisions with a single source of truth 
  • Easier access to data and trainings, increasing the ROI of your SAP investment

Key capabilities

Portfolio and products

Get a 360-degree view of your products, including road maps and innovations.

Finance and legal

Review your SAP orders, licenses, invoices, consumption, and balance statements.

Systems and provisioning

Manage your cloud and on-premise systems, as well as their availability and status.

Knowledge and learning

Explore opportunities to enhance your product skills and oversee learning journeys and trainings.

Maintenance and support

Review support incidents and manage maintenance and support topics across your company.

Users and contacts

Access SAP contacts and manage roles in your company with self-service tools.

Many interests, one solution

SAP for Me is optimized for specific personas and interests. Every role can find value in the SAP for Me capabilities and information, while still having a unique experience.

Enterprise architects can leverage the full spectrum of SAP for Me across products, systems, provisioning, finance, and learning.

License managers can monitor the financial aspects of your SAP portfolio and its performance.

Support managers can make use of a vast amount of connected information to provide the best service to your company. 

Hear what customers are saying

Talking about SAP for Me, we see that this tool is very important in this process because it simplifies the way to obtain information about SAP solutions and keep teams focused on the business. Questions that required extensive research on many different links can be found in one place with a well-designed user interface to understand what's going on.

Hamilton Bokaleff, Natura

Time spent looking for version numbers, maintenance schedules, release notes, and cloud services is lost to more strategic projects. With SAP for Me, we expect to organize those items in one place and gain back that time to move confidently into a bright future.

Peter Monaghan, Breakthru Beverage Group

SAP for Me is a great portal. It is user-friendly, simple to navigate, and effective, with a personalized view of the data with just the right level of detail we need to see. It seems intuitive, ready to use from the beginning, and does not distract the user with too many details and possibilities that we would not use for the majority of cases.

Sophie Stefano,, the Brussels agency for business support

Get the latest news and trends from experts

Juergen Jakowski
Chief Product Owner, SAP for Me

Who is SAP for Me for?

While specific business roles can realize the greatest benefit from SAP for Me today, we feel that everyone who communicates with SAP can benefit from SAP for Me. Learn more about roles, authorizations, and how to log in.

Oguzhan Genis
Business Owner, SAP for Me

Provision your own SAP Commerce Cloud environments using SAP for Me

SAP for Me is now the default solution for reviewing, managing, and activating SAP Commerce Cloud system entitlements with user-friendly dashboards and a transparent view of your product portfolio.

Juergen Jakowski
Chief Product Owner, SAP for Me

What authorizations do you need to fully leverage SAP for Me?

SAP for Me uses the S-user framework and its authorization concept to control access to sensitive data. As capabilities that leverage new data types are added, we have introduced new authorizations to the existing S-user framework.

How to onboard

Learn how to access SAP for Me at and find resources and support. At this stage, access to SAP for Me is restricted to customers and partners with an SAP S-user ID. 

Getting access

Get your login and set up your access.

Getting started

Learn more about the benefits of SAP for Me and how to get the most from the features of the portal.

Getting support

Find out who to contact and which channels to use when you encounter a problem with SAP for Me.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of SAP for Me?

SAP for Me is a license-free central access point for all your SAP engagements. It can speed up your major activities to ensure best-run processes and simple and fast interactions with SAP. SAP for Me makes disparate information a thing of the past by ensuring you can find everything you need for your portfolio in one place.

With SAP for Me, you can:

  • Get greater transparency into the entire product portfolio based on your role and interests (view)
  • Explore and drill down into specific information details (inspect)
  • Initiate follow-up activities immediately with digital self-services (act)
What is the difference between SAP for Me and other SAP portals?

SAP for Me is an overarching customer portal that provides a consolidated view of your SAP portfolio. Instead of collecting material from multiple portals, you can find aggregated information in a central place. SAP for Me accumulates data from various sources ("satellites") and presents it in a product-centric way. Through context-specific key metrics and alerts, the intelligent home screen provides at-a-glance insights into your SAP product portfolio, systems and system status, license utilization, learning journeys, and support cases. From here, you will be directed to a satellite to complete a specific task – making SAP for Me your digital companion that guides you through a variety of SAP resources.

Where can I go to learn more about SAP for Me?

Visit the SAP for Me Community to post questions to knowledgeable users and SAP experts or share ideas, opinions, and information about SAP for Me.

Which requirements must be met to access SAP for Me?

At this stage, access to SAP for Me is restricted to customers and partners with an SAP support user ("S-user") ID and the required authorizations.

What should I do if I don't have a user ID for SAP for Me?

As an SAP customer or partner, you may want to have your own S-user ID, which needs to be generated and assigned to you by a user administrator in your company. Reach out to your local SAP Customer Interaction Center (CIC) via phone, e-mail or chat if you need to identify a user administrator. To see restricted content, users need to have special authorizations. These authorizations are assigned to you by your company user administrator.

What can I do if I encounter login issues with SAP for Me?

Forgot your user ID? Has it been blocked? Server problems? Your local Customer Interaction Center (CIC) has you covered. Reach out to CIC via phone, e-mail, or chat.

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