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SAP Trade Repository Reporting by Virtusa

Fully automate EMIR trade repository reporting

SAP Trade Repository Reporting by Virtusa, a dedicated platform for full visibility and control of the trade repository reporting process, facilitates compliance with requirements for reporting derivative contracts in Europe by transforming trade data into EMIR-compliant data for REGIS-TR and submitting the data as required.

  • Faster, easier compliance with EMIR, so you can stay focused on core business          
  • Increased efficiency with automated data collection and transformation          
  • Reduced risk by monitoring data before it’s reported        
  • Full control over the reporting process

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Functional Capabilities

Collect, map, route, and report data from any source
The software captures data from both the buy and sell sides of derivatives transactions. It automatically transforms trade data into the EMIR-compliant structure, routes it to the REGIS-TR, and then propagates it to other trade repositories used for EMIR compliance.
Monitor and audit derivatives trades across their entire lifecycle
SAP Trade Repository Reporting holds trade data to allow time to monitor, manage, and analyze it. A fully automated reporting process – from source system to trade repository and back – is triggered in a timely manner to help ensure compliance.
Centrally manage reporting and trade reconciliations
The software performs automatic and continuous reconciliations: intra-trade repository reconciliations on trades where both sides of the transaction are reported to REGIS-TR – and intra-reconciliations with other trade repositories in the EMIR.
Facilitate compliance, even as legislation and repositories change
SAP Trade Repository Reporting keeps your software current even as legislation changes within the countries participating in the EMIR. Regulatory and API changes made by the trade repositories are constantly monitored – and proactively changed in the solution.

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