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Smoothly transition to the cloud from SAP Process Orchestration.

Modernize your integration solutions with SAP Integration Suite

Why move to SAP Integration Suite now?

Technology teams need to accelerate business outcomes by delivering seamless business processes more efficiently at scale. To do this, a modern integration platform is needed while safeguarding your existing investments. Get the support you need to migrate to SAP Integration Suite today. 

Achieve seamless business processes

Integrate processes and data across diverse application landscapes and business networks with comprehensive integration capabilities.

Accelerate business outcomes

Quickly integrate and connect any application or business partner with thousands of pre-built integrations using a proven methodology based on 50 years of SAP best practices.

Modernize integration

Enable self-service integration at scale with simpler tools, built-in AI, modern integration capabilities. Deploy to any cloud with trust and security fully managed by SAP.

Learn about SAP’s Integration Strategy

CIO’s Guide: Integration in Cloud and Hybrid Landscapes

Learn how SAP is delivering on the goal of easy integration of cloud and hybrid landscapes.

Architect’s Guide: Integration for Cloud and Hybrid Landscapes

Discover how enterprise and integration architects can modernized their existing integration architecture based on SAP Integration Suite today.

Modernize your integration solutions

Read about the way forward and recommended actions for existing SAP integration solution customers.

Accelerate your integration modernization journey

Learn how SAP and our partners can help you every step of they way

Free assessment and planning

Fast track your modernization journey with a free assessment and migration plan of your existing SAP Process Orchestration landscape. Maximize your return while reducing business impact, complexity, and risk. Take advantage of the SAP Migration Factory.

Complete migration services from SAP

Let SAP Services and Support help plan, guide, and implement your migration journey from SAP Process Orchestration to SAP Integration Suite. 

Engage a trusted partner

Find the right SAP partner that fits your unique business needs to support your integration modernization journey.

Transition to SAP Integration Suite

Modernize your integration landscape by moving to SAP Integration Suite in three easy steps. Reuse existing elements to accelerate your move to a cloud-first model or to maintain a hybrid integration landscape.

Analyze and assess your current environment

Step one in the migration process is to analyze your current integration landscape against what you want your modern integration architecture to look like.   Learn how SAP Integration Suite can enable new innovative and more efficient solutions to your integration programs, how to get started, and how to get help.  Take advantage of the various services, best practices, processes and tools to refactor existing processes and build new ones in your modernization journey. 

Develop your integration modernization plan

Understand the steps to move from SAP Process Orchestration to SAP Integration Suite. Learn how your existing integration patterns map to the new solution, how pre-built integrations accelerate your move, estimate the potential costs and how tools from SAP partners can help in automating much of the process. 

Training and Adoption

Try for free

SAP Integration Suite is an integral part of SAP Business Technology Platform. Get started for free to build, manage, and deploy applications, connect data and business processes on one integrated platform.

Start your learning journey

Learn the basic concepts of SAP Integration Suite. Explore tutorials and courses to start realizing business benefits.

Join the community

Start your free trial experience with SAP Integration Suite and SAP Extension Suite for 365 days. Be part of the active community.

Ready to transition to the cloud?

Request a product demo to get first hand knowledge of how the SAP Integration Suite works and if it is the right fit for you.

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