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Database Administration

Create your foundation for reliable performance

Provide data that is secure and accessible, while simplifying IT operations, with the administration tools available in the SAP HANA in-memory database.

Monitoring and Administration

Configure, tune, and monitor database performance

Maintain a single deployment of the SAP HANA database with the Web-based capabilities of the SAP HANA cockpit.

Perform core administration tasks

Monitor all applications running on SAP HANA holistically with SAP Solution Manager.

Automate and orchestrate advanced operations

Centralize the management of your solutions running on SAP HANA with SAP Landscape Management software.

Performance Management

Reimagine your operations with greater insight

Pinpoint bottlenecks, identify patterns, and forecast requirements with visualization analytics of performance data across a range of indicators.

Manage workloads more effectively

Gain tight control over resource utilization for different types of workloads with an overview of system health and root-cause analysis of performance issues. 

Adapt to change without disruption

Safeguard upgrades for your on-premise software landscape by capturing real production system workload and replaying it on a test environment.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Maintain continuous access to your data

Use an enterprise-class, in-memory solution designed for continuous operation, even during failures.

Understand core technical concepts

Explore different design options and functionality that are available in SAP HANA, for high availability and disaster recovery.

Free up computing resources

Benefit from secondary systems to offload read-intensive workloads from your primary system with SAP HANA, active/active read-enabled option.


Get a security overview

Learn what you need to know about SAP HANA to comply with security-relevant regulations and policies – and protect your implementation of the database.

Safeguard the operation of SAP HANA

Discover functions that can be used to implement specific security and compliance policies.

Scripting and Development Tools

Automate and customize for simplicity

Use the database explorer tool from SAP HANA to query information about the database, as well as view information about its catalog objects. 

Perform commands on SAP HANA with greater ease

Execute SQL statements and database procedures, as well as query information about the database and database objects, with a command-line reference in SAP HANA.

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