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Screenshot of SAP Enterprise Performance Testing by Tricentis

SAP Enterprise Performance Testing by Tricentis 

Make cloud-based testing available, ensure applications perform under heavy user loads, and support digital transformation.

Ensure software applications and updates meet peak user requirements

Perform continuous load testing to ensure that custom applications and software upgrades and updates meet performance, capacity, and usage requirements.


Gain real-time visibility into enterprise application performance with SAP Enterprise Performance Testing by Tricentis. The solution scales to test at speed, supports open-source tools, and simplifies test creation and deployment.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Advanced load testing for highly scalable applications
  • Multiple load testing scripts collected and aggregated
  • Testing results presented in an intuitive reporting interface

Key Benefits

Improve understanding of application performance

Provides real-time visibility into enterprise application performance with on-demand, cloud-based distributed load testing.

Accelerate testing and issue resolution

Reduce the complexity of distributed load testing and identify areas of risk with rich bottleneck analysis to accelerate issue resolution.

Achieve better transparency and real-time insights

Increase transparency with real-time reporting and access revealing insights with details that range from holistic to granular.

Key Features

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Powerful, efficient performance testing at scale

  • Test drive your SAP applications under a variety of traffic and network conditions using test scripts rather than code
  • Remove performance bottlenecks prior to going live
  • Make testing available on demand to developers, testers, and line-of-business stakeholders


Insights into real-world performance

  • Spot trends and persistent issues over time and build them into custom reports with as little or as much information as needed
  • Collect and aggregate results from multiple load-testing scripts and presents them in a straightforward, intuitive reporting interface
  • Provide a standard format for reports, giving you consistent metrics across testing tools.

Run integrated solutions for full testing support

  • Leverage continuous testing as part of the application lifecycle management (ALM) continuum that integrates with and complements SAP Solution Manager and ALM software
  • Support best practices for continuous integration and deployment to deliver code changes frequently and reliably
  • Accelerate testing with ongoing feedback to keep pace with agile development methodologies

What are analysts saying about SAP Enterprise Performance Testing by Tricentis?

Total Economic Impact of SAP application testing solutions by Tricentis

Consider this study conducted by Forrester to examine the costs and benefits of SAP application testing solutions by Tricentis. According to this study, customers can recover their costs within 6 months, with an ROI of 334%.

Technical Information

This product can be deployed in the cloud, and system and software requirements
vary by specific customer scenarios.

Installation and setup

Follow the setup instructions so you can start running your SAP software quickly and confidently.


Optimize configuration of SAP Enterprise Performance Testing by Tricentis with our comprehensive configuration guide.


Find out how you can seamlessly integrate SAP Enterprise Performance Testing by Tricentis  with your existing IT landscape.

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Security and compliance

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