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Bridge digital and physical worlds with digital twin technology

Digital twins and the future of Industry 4.0

See how digital twins – and networks of digital twins – are transforming how engineers design products, how manufacturers collaborate with end users, and how companies generate revenue and provide value.

  • Monitor a constant stream of usage and performance data in real time
  • Combine end-to-end asset or product lifecycle data into digital threads
  • Support new product-as-a-service business models
  • Drive innovation in manufacturing, R&D, supply chain, asset management, service, and logistics

See how customers are succeeding with SAP digital twin technology

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Get the latest news and trends from digital twin experts

Richard Howells
VP Supply Chain Solutions

Should businesses be scared to meet their digital twin?

As digital twins mature, we’re finding more and more ways to use the data they track and generate. Should businesses be scared of this new reality – or embrace it?

Robert Merlo
VP Manufacturing and R&D Marketing

Product individualization and the network of digital twins

Increased demand for individualized products is putting pressure on R&D teams across industries. Here’s how digital twins can give them the agility they need to deliver.

Thomas Ohnemus
VP Digital Supply Chain Marketing SAP

Your top 5 digital twin questions answered

Get answers to questions like “what is a digital twin?” and “how do you build one?” This article attempts to demystify the digital twin concept and explain its impact.

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