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Response and Supply Planning

Generate feasible supply plans to meet demand with accurate inventory targets and efficient capacity use.

Empower planners with multilevel supply planning

Create an effective supply plan for your entire network by modeling across locations and multilevel bills of material. Multilevel supply planning gives planners the flexibility to decide what to include in the model or what to constrain the supply plan against. 

Planners can use three algorithm options: unconstrained heuristic, prioritization, or optimization. Prioritization and optimization enable the system to perform a feasible and constrained supply plan in just one step while considering all modeled constraints.

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Mitigate risk with tactical rough-cut planning

Develop an effective mid-to-long-range plan that works for your business. Tactical rough-cut planning balances demand and supply while also considering material constraints.

The horizon for rough-cut planning is flexible and you can easily adjust it based on your business requirements. Planners can model and constrain against production, transportation, and storage resources. They can also create simulations and scenarios to try various plan options and then compare them with the embedded Microsoft Excel capabilities of SAP IBP for Supply Chain as well as Web-based dashboards.

Boost agility with operational response management

Overcome the challenges of material scarcity with an operational supply plan that spans the entire network. With this feature, you can create allocations when materials are scarce and reconfirm sales orders to determine a realistic availability date with the supply run.

Create an internal deployment plan based on planner-controlled available-to-deploy quantities to achieve priorities or optimization. Operational response management lets you review gating factors, which provide root cause analysis for delays and shortages. Then, you can use Web-based interactive planning to adjust your plan.

Create consistency with synchronized planning

Bring your operational supply plan together with production planning and detailed scheduling. After you calculate the source destination and order quantities for planned orders, you can use the handover process to convert them into scheduling orders that SAP S/4HANA can sequence. Synchronized planning keeps subsequent planning in SAP S/4HANA in sync with SAP IBP for Supply Chain through a standard, roundtrip integration cycle.

Explore all capabilities of integrated business planning

Sales and operations planning

Unify financial and operational stakeholders in one S&OP process to foster collaboration –aligning inventory, service levels, and profitability.

Forecasting and demand management

Automate the statistical forecasting process and apply machine learning algorithms to predict demand.

Inventory planning and optimization

Establish optimal inventory targets that enable you to maximize profits, while ensuring customer service levels.

Demand-driven replenishment

Use strategic decoupling points and inventory buffers to control the flow of material through the supply chain.

Supply chain visibility

Gain end-to-end visibility of your supply chain and detect potential disruptions with SAP Supply Chain Control Tower.

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