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SAP Road Map Explorer and SAP Transformation Navigator can simplify your path to future SAP products and the Intelligent Enterprise.

Get a detailed view into the SAP road map

Gain an up-to-date overview on planned and available innovations, as well as technical information, through an interactive road map experience.

Map your business transformation

Find the right SAP solutions, technologies, and platforms that can advance your journey toward becoming an intelligent enterprise. 

Featured Road Maps


Discover the modern ERP system that uses artificial intelligence to transform your business processs in the cloud or on premise.

Business Technology Platform

Turn data into business value quickly with a platform that supports database and data management, application development, integration, and intelligent technologies.

Experience management (XM) solutions

Get a detailed view of upcoming XM innovations that will provide increased value to your enterprise solutions.


Stand apart in a world that never sits still with the insight, agility, and speed made possible by our next-generation cloud ERP business suite.

Customer Influence and Adoption

Get connected and help shape the future of SAP software

Discover a range of programs that give customers the opportunity to influence SAP software development and adopt new innovations early on.

Classical SAP Road Maps

Explore road maps that can enhance business capabilities

Access the road maps that are in the process of being migrated to the SAP Road Map Explorer tool.

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