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Multi-Model Processing with Advanced Analytics

Innovate without boundries by using multiple data types and advanced analytics – all in one scalable, high-performance database.

View multi-model processing in action

Discover how SAP HANA, an intelligent and multi-model database solution, can keep you at the front of the race and lets you innovate without boundries.

Experience the value of multi-model processing

Derive more value from your data

Overcome the challenges and inefficiencies of managing a patchworked technology landscape by using an integrated database solution.Read the Forrester report.

SAP HANA is a multi-model processing engine

Discover how SAP HANA’s advancedcapabilities go beyond the in-memory columnar structure and promote the value of the virtual data model.

Store and process data types in SAP HANA

Spatial processing

Gain situational awareness by enriching business intelligence with live spatial data and analyzing it in context.

Graph data processing

Unlock new possibilities by modeling and analyzing the relationships between people, places, and things with a familiar relational database.

JSON documents

Store and manage JSON documents with native operations, including filtering, aggregation, and joining with relational tables in SAP HANA.

Text analytics and search

Improve decision-making by acquiring broader, contextual insights from unstructured documents with less data duplication and movement.

Machine learning and predictive modeling

Gain real-time insights with machine learning capabilities embedded in business processes to operate with minimal delay.

Streaming data processing

Capture, analyze, and act on data streaming in from many sources with the highly scalable processing engine of SAP HANA.

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