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See your business clearly with data virtualization

Access all your data across organizational, application, and data storage boundaries to gain full business visibility.

Data federation

Federate queries on remote sources

Give information workers instant access to information by federating queries on remote data sources – including cloud-native remote sources, Hadoop, SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP ASE), and other databases. Retrieve relevant answers without the cost and effort of migrating data.

Data integration and replication

Integrate and replicate any style of data

Enable three integration methods – ETL, replication, and federation. Move data from any source, such as SAP or third-party databases, and seamlessly replicate data so it is always available in real-time. Gain open and extensible support for any data volume, data type, and data source.

Data quality

Improve data quality and reliability

Transform data format from source to target, standardize, cleanse and identify and correct duplicate records, enrich address data with geocode intelligence, and manage other data quality issues across all domains and sources in one single user interface.

Remote data sync

Synchronize remote data

Make data available remotely with two-way synchronization between SAP HANA and SAP SQL Anywhere databases embedded in devices or located at your network’s edge.

Resource Center for Data Access

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