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Make spend decisions that count – in customers’ and employees’ eyes

Offer pleasing, consumer-like experiences. Adapt quickly to customer feedback. And make it easy to deliver on your promises.

Take the work out of travel

Provide travel and expense management tools your employees will be eager to use. Accommodate their preferences – and simplify the travel experience.

Turn “I want” into “I have”

Delight customers by creating new business models that deliver better products faster and meet the ethical standards customers demand.

Tap into a changing workforce

Harness the talents of consultants, contractors, and the gig economy by providing easy-to-use contingent workforce tools.  

Intelligent spend management pays dividends

57 %

More than half of business travelers want a single app for all their planning, booking, and travel needs

>60 %

More than six in ten younger consumers closely consider a company’s ethical values and authenticity before buying their products

>25 %

More than a fourth of the U.S. is now officially part of the freelance gig economy

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