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Achieve compliance, visibility, and control while cutting costs and risks

Whether you want to improve your entire buying and settlement process end-to-end, or just part of it, SAP Ariba e-procurement solutions deliver negotiated savings that improve your bottom line. 

SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing

Enable control and compliance by dynamically and globally managing suppliers, processes, budgets, approvals, and payments.


ERP integration

Improve the speed, usability, and performance of procure-to-pay processeswith ease – from requisition to reconciliation. 

Increased visibility and control

Drive more savings to the bottom line by boosting visibility and controlof purchasing activity, including complex services.

Decreased costs and risks

Reduce the cost and risk of your procurement activities by letting 4.1 million suppliers compete for your business. 

Global reach

Manage suppliers, procure-to-pay processes, budgets, approvals, and payments for operations anywhere in the world.

Process mining

Assess and understand your procure-to-pay process flow through data-based process discovery, analytics, and visualizations.

SAP Ariba Buying

Maximize efficiency across your front-end procurement processes with procure-to-order and guided buying capabilities.


Fast supplier enablement

Connect with suppliers quickly and easily, even when using catalogs in multiple languages and with millions of SKUs. 

Simplified catalog maintenance

Update your catalogs with improved accuracy and in a matter of minutes by automating verification and reducing workloads.  

Drive more savings to the bottom line by boosting visibility and control of purchasing activity, including complex services.

Control with compliance

Search for preferred suppliers and products based on relevance to keyword criteria, and apply contract pricing proactively. 

Efficient collaboration

Connect and collaborate with your suppliers more efficiently by extending your procure-to-pay process to the cloud. 

SAP Ariba Catalog

Display relevant, validated, and updated procurement content to drive purchasing to preferred suppliers and buying channels.


Strong compliance

Prioritize suppliers, products, and services based on relevance to search criteria and apply contract pricing proactively. 

Fast enablement

Manage supplier catalogs – from creation to cleaning and onboarding – in multiple languages and with millions of SKUs.

Low-maintenance catalog management

Update your catalogs with improved accuracy and in a matter of minutes by automating verification and reducing workloads.  

Always-on support

Get the 24x7 support you need to answer critical questions through Web-based training, tutorials, and documentation. 

Catalog services and products

Requisition any type of service for your business by collaborating with suppliers, gathering quotes, and boosting interest. 

Digitization helped [us] reference much more products than previously [with] printed catalogs [and we can help our customers] choose the right products.

Xavier Laurent, Service Product Director, Manutan  Learn how Manutan transformed its supply chain with SAP Ariba

Guided buying capability

Unite suppliers and buyers and streamline procurement with intuitive guidelines that help employees follow best practices.


Convenient access

Provide a single location for occasional and frequent buyers to purchase goods and services they need for their organization. 

Compliant purchasing

Direct buyers to the right items, while helping ensure they follow the right policies and use preferred suppliers. 

Supplier collaboration

Provide a comprehensive sourcing engine that powers self-service, two-way engagement with preferred suppliers in real time. 

Intelligent guidance

Benefit from built-in policy support and a buying channel process that is integrated with supplier management capabilities.

Streamlined integration

Tap existing catalogs and approval flows by integrating the guided buying capability with the SAP Ariba Buying solution. 

The guided buying capability enforces our policies in the way it’s embedded in the buying process, and, by doing so, means the processes are followed and this guarantees their success. By guaranteeing their success, it guarantees their growth.

Chelsea Grey, Services and Systems Manager, FMG

SAP Ariba Spot Buy Catalog

Simplify the purchase of non-sourced goods with a trusted supply source featuring hundreds of pre-enabled suppliers.


Quick search of options

Guide users to the goods they need quickly and easily across common business categories with one intuitive search query. 

Trusted suppliers

Find high-quality, trusted suppliers in a comprehensive B2B marketplace to help your supply meet global buying demand. 

Compliant and controlled processes

Perfect your balance between user convenience and buying control by preselecting suppliers that adhere to corporate policies. 

We really see Spot Buy as a solution that allows users to get that significant experience that they have come to expect as they operate on consumer sites.

Tricia Miller, Accenture  Watch the customer video

Procurement operations desk capability

Boost the productivity and performance of procurement operations with a built-in, scalable, and intelligent capability.


Customizable dashboards

Give managers an accurate, real-time view into the progress, priorities, and performance of your procurement operations desk. 

Intelligent workflows

Manage, track, and collaborate on source-to settle tasks quickly and efficiently with end-to-end, role-based workflows. 

Task queues

Route special handling requests automatically, based on commodity code, location, spend category, or similar characteristics. 

In-context collaboration

Drive speed and transparency with collaboration tools that operate within the context of request details. 

Assignment engine

Assign buying requests automatically to appropriate team members, and reassign them to balance out the workload as needed. 

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