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Enrich your master and transactional data with AI-based data attribute recommendations

Automate and accelerate material master data processes

Maintaining material master data can be time-consuming due to large numbers of incoming requests for the creation of new materials. The Data Attribute Recommendation service can help automate and accelerate this process by predicting and suggesting material classes, enabling intelligent master data governance.

  • Training data management
  • Machine learning model management
  • Records classification
  • Enrichment of missing attributes of a data record

Architecture for this use case

Solve the problem with SAP Business Technology Platform

What is the challenge?

Manual, time-consuming order processing and procurement processes can lead to delays, inconsistent master data, missing attributes of a data record, and the inability to classify incoming product information.

What is the solution?

The Data Attribute Recommendation service in SAP AI Business Services can help you classify records, select machine learning models, perform tasks related to the machine learning model that will be used to classify records, and enrich missing attributes of a data record.

What is the outcome?

By classifying entities such as products, stores, and users into multiple classes using free text, numbers, and categories as input, you can accelerate material master data maintenance, enrich missing attributes of a data record, and classify incoming product information.

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Pricing and Packaging

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