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Next tech

Learn how emerging technologies will change the way we think about business processes, profits, and people.


Giving AI a moral compass

To make artificial intelligence behave ethically, humans have to take the lead.

Augmented reality goes to work on the factory floor

Augmented reality is helping manufacturing workers conduct assembly, repairs, and service quicker and more accurately.

How digital twins are driving the future of business

The uses for digital twins are expanding to improve factory processes and to offer predictive maintenance applications.

Data-use lessons from smart cities

Collaborating with stakeholders and adopting agile project development are among the approaches the elevate public services.

The road to virtual safety simulations

Virtual simulations will mean faster and less costly safety testing – protecting reputations, profits, and lives.

Telehealth: a temporary fix or the future of health care?

After a slow start, the pandemic forced an embrace of telehealth. Now it’s changing the way patient care takes place.


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