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Operational Efficiency for Plants and Grids

Enhance the performance of utility assets with collaborative processes

Manage enterprise assets efficiently by integrating analytics and field force support, advancing maintenance strategies, and driving digital collaboration.
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Asset Operations and Maintenance

Streamline asset retention and restoration maintenance for optimal performance of required functions.

Asset Network

Improve asset information by collaborating on asset data, predictive maintenance, procurement, and services.

Environment, Health, and Safety

Reduce environment, health, and safety risks to help ensure safety and business continuity.

Asset Operations and Maintenance

Maintain your competitive edge by getting the most out of your assets – ensuring asset uptime and safety, mitigating risks, and reducing maintenance costs.
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Asset Strategy and Performance

Improve asset reliability with standard methodologies for lowering risks, downtime, and energy consumption.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

Reduce maintenance costs and improve service by synchronizing labor, material, equipment, and schedules.

Maintenance Execution

Minimize equipment breakdowns with proactive maintenance planning and visible resource availability.

Mobile Asset Management

Enable mobile maintenance processes to improve technician productivity, asset uptime, and safety.

Asset Network

Streamline asset management with market-leading technologies that enable new business models and increase speed, transparency, and insights.
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SAP Asset Intelligence Network

Collect and track equipment information in a central repository with a cloud-based hub that facilitates collaborative asset management between operators and manufacturers and lets you take full advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT).

SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service

Increase asset availability, cut maintenance costs, improve customer satisfaction, and generate new service revenue by using the IoT to analyze large volumes of sensor data and issue an alert long before a machine breaks down.

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Asset Information Collaboration

Optimize assets by connecting manufacturers, operators, service suppliers, and the value chain.

Asset Information Governance

Deliver high-quality, timely data to support operational and analytic applications and lower costs.

Predictive Maintenance and Service

Improve asset availability by using predictive maintenance and service capabilities and the IoT.

Environment, Health, and Safety

Mitigate environment, health, and safety risks by testing controls, capturing incidents, and learning from events to support intelligent, continuous change.
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Incident Management

Identify and resolve safety issues and learn from incidents with intuitive entry forms and processes.

Health and Safety Management

Identify hazards, implement controls, and manage tasks to reduce risk and ensure compliance.

Environment Management

Reduce your environmental impact and increase compliance with comprehensive environment management.

Management of Change

Facilitate operational changes with thorough review, risk mitigation, and documentation approval.

Maintenance Safety and Permit to Work

Control maintenance work through clear safety instructions and an automated permit process.

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reduction in accident frequency with monitoring of strong safety measures for people and assets.

SAP Performance Benchmarking


return on assets where asset management systems are fully integrated.

SAP Performance Benchmarking


improved productivity with SAP Enterprise Asset Management.

AltaLink transformation study

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