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Registration and Profile Maintenance


Registration and Profile Maintenance

To get the most benefit from SAP Community, you must register as a member. As a member, you can actively participate in the SAP Blogs and Q&A platform. You can subscribe to tags, people or content, as well as "like" content. Also, having a well maintained profile will help you build a meaningful and positive reputation in the community enabling you to learn, share knowledge and engage with other community members.


Step 1: Register on to Community

Go to the SAP Community page and click on the avatar to start the process.


You will then be presented with a Log On / Register page. Click on register.



Next, enter your information and the password you would like to use.


Once you have completed the form and you have read the privacy statement and terms and conditions, click the Register button.
The system will send you an account activation email.  Follow the directions in the email to complete the registration process. Upon completion of the registration process, you will be able to access and setup your profile.


Step 2. Access Your Profile

Go to the SAP Community page and click on the avatar and log in.  Once logged in, click on the avatar and select Edit My Profile.



Step 3: Set Up Your Profile

The registration process created for you a basic profile, but you can complete your profile by editing the following sections:



1. My Picture

Upload a profile photo and setup an avatar by clicking on the "Edit your Profile picture" below the avatar. Adding a photo makes your profile more interesting to others and helps connect you to the community. Here are a few tips for projecting the best “you” in your profile photo:

  • Full face forward: Look straight into the camera and take the shot. Show us your spark, integrity and warmth.
  • Avoid common mistakes: Sunglasses, having your head turned to the side, or having another person, or even a pet.  These elements may give others an unprofessional impression. 
  • Be professional: Wear something you’d wear to a meeting with a colleague.
  • Be current: Post a photo taken within the past 12 months, if possible.
  • Be aware of body language: Avoid crossing your arms, hiding your face, or propping your chin on your fist. Remain open through your body language.

2. My Bio

Click on the "Edit Profile" button to insert your short introduction paragraph about yourself. It may include a brief explanation of your relation to the SAP world, a short summary of your professional experience, a statement about what you would like to accomplish while participating in the SAP Community, or any combination of the above. Click the Save button when finished.


3. My Company and Location

Click on the “Edit” link next to Company and Location and enter the information of your current company you work for. Click the Save button when finished.


4. Languages I Speak

Click on the “Edit” link next to Languages and select the languages you speak. This will inform other members about the languages in which you can converse. Click the Save button when finished.


5. Other Places You Can Find Me

Click on the “Edit” link next to Elsewhere and enter the listing of your other social media profiles, such as LinkedIn or Twitter. Click the Save button when finished.


Step 4: Using Your Profile

Your profile provides you with quick access to the following items:

  • Content:  An indicator of the number of content items you created in the Community. Clicking on these hyperlinks will take you to a page showing you the listing of those content items.
  • Network: The number of people who follow you and the number of people you follow. Clicking on these hyperlinks will take you to a page showing you the listing of individuals following you and that you follow.
  • Reputation: An indicator of the number of badges you earned in the previous reputation program, on SAP Community Network. Clicking on this hyperlink will take you to a page showing you your legacy SCN reputation (if you have one), including your highest achieved level in the old reputation program, your lifetime points total, and the badges you earned.

Step 5: Profile Privacy

When you register, your profile defaults to private. At any time, you have the option of making your profile public or private. Your choice affects your level of participation within the community. To learn more, please see our SAP Community Privacy FAQs.


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