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Reimagining Your Business by Extending the Value of Your SAP Investment

Learn how our software partners extend the value of your SAP investment today, as they are uniquely positioned to help you reimagine your business and help you succeed on the road to recovery. Our vibrant ecosystem brings best-of-breed innovations to your organization at a faster pace.

Ensure Business Continuity with Digital Signature Management

Companies today spend billions on technology solutions to automate processes. With an increasing number of employees working remotely, organizations need to rethink signing and concluding documents. Sun Communities is ensuring business continuity with SAP Signature Management by DocuSign, facilitating transactions in a remote fashion, enabling both internal employees and new homeowners to quickly execute contracts in a secure manner.

Extend the Value of Your SAP Solutions

Transform your business by responding quickly and ensuring resiliency – all while returning to profitability. Leveraging a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and applications from SAP’s partner ecosystem, customers can become an intelligent enterprise and meet today’s challenges. Learn how customers are coming up with new ways to maintain continuity, including developing a contact tracing solution, signing contracts digitally, facilitating on-boarding, managing cash flow, maintaining supply chains, and more.

Customer/Partner Voices

 The videos in this section are provided by our sponsoring partners to highlight their work with SAP customers. 

Accenture’s Intelligent Enterprise Built on SAP Solutions

Discover Your Path to the Intelligent Enterprise with Accenture and SAP

Innovate Faster with SAP on AWS

Harness the Power of Intelligent Technologies to Serve Clients’ Ambitions

Drive Your Automotive Supplier Business with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

The Journey to the Renewable Enterprise Begins with Your Leadership Vision

Celonis Process Mining

Deloitte and The Social Enterprise at Work: Paradox as a Path Forward

Amorim: A Single Source of Truth           

EY and SAP – Intelligence. Realized.

Migrating SAP Solutions to Google Cloud Transforms Sara Assicurazioni

See how SAP on Google Cloud empowers Multipharma

Power Your Intelligent Enterprise with SAP Customer Experience

Discover the Infosys Innov8 Advantage

Intel Optane Persistent Memory for Databases

Walgreens Boots Alliance Transforms with SAP Solutions and Microsoft Azure

Kennametal Backs Its Smart Factories with SAP Solutions on Azure

Join the Best! Run SAP Solutions on SUSE

The videos in this section are provided by our sponsoring partners to highlight their work with SAP customers. Publication of these videos does not constitute an endorsement by SAP of the content of the videos or any products mentioned therein.

Purpose and Sustainability

Creating positive economic, business and social impact within the new normal.

Discover How Women Leaders Rise to the Challenge

Ordinary people have transformed into heroes and are leading with purpose in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Powerful female leaders have stepped up to drive programs to keep us safe, healthy, and encouraged. Success today depends on what we can we learn from these leaders and how we bring these qualities and behaviors into an equitable workplace.

Reimagine Economies with Sustainability as a Core Business Imperative

Successful businesses create value holistically for customers, shareholders, and employees, as well as for society and the planet. We are reimagining our long-term future in the new normal while shaping business transformation responsibly and driving the transition toward a more resilient, circular, low-carbon, and inclusive economy.

User Experience and Mobile

The SAP Fiori user experience (UX) design system helps teams stay fully engaged and productive. Learn how to get more business value from the entire SAP portfolio – anywhere and anytime – at less cost, in a more seamless fashion, and faster than ever.

Make Users the Center of the Intelligent Enterprise

User experience (UX) can help drive business transformation, especially in this new reality. SAP is bringing the Intelligent Enterprise to users wherever they are, helping them increase productivity, reduce costs, and built their competitive advantage with the latest UX innovations.

Empower Your Business Users by Mobilizing the Intelligent Enterprise

With SAP, unlock the potential of the Intelligent Enterprise and support business users wherever they are. SAP and its customers are embracing new levels of contextual awareness, transforming business processes, and developing seamless user experiences.

Explore the Importance of User Experience in This New Reality

The current crisis forces companies to speed up their transformation journeys. The need to be able to work from everywhere and greater numbers of digital natives in the work force are two main factors that drive this urgency to optimize user experience. Reducing complexity is key to helping business users to work more efficiently, everywhere.

adidas and SAP Fiori – A Story of User Experience Transformation

SAP teamed up with adidas to bring its user experience to a new level with SAP Fiori. Through a design-led development approach that puts users first, designers and developers were able to create SAP Fiori-based solutions that truly solve business problems, helping adidas to serve its customers faster than ever before.

SAPPHIRE NOW Converge Channels

 View highlights from our featured portfolio areas.

Finance: Rise to the Challenges of Uncertainty with Financial Readiness

Navigating uncertainty requires a coherent strategy – one that will help minimize the impact of economic disruption while maintaining business continuity for the rapidly expanding remote workforce. Experts illustrate how you can safeguard your finances, increase liquidity, and mitigate risk, while innovating your business model to emerge even stronger than before.

Human Resources: Take Charge of Change and Empower Your Workforce

In times of change, you need a workforce that is ready for anything. That means realigning resources to fill critical roles, reinforcing business continuity, and reskilling the workforce. SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Suite helps you take charge of these changes and deliver quality employee experiences. 

Procurement: Collaborate and Innovate in Times of Change

When supply chains are disrupted and cost control and cash flow are critical, every company needs procurement and supply chain leaders to be strategic drivers ready to respond. Alexis Glick discusses how customers of SAP S/4HANA, SAP Ariba solutions, and SAP Fieldglass solutions are responding to change and reimagining the future of procurement with SAP.

ERP: Stand Apart in a World That Never Stands Still with SAP S/4HANA

Intelligent ERP enables companies, such as PayPal Giving Fund, Carrier Global, Sauder Woodworking Company, and Vodafone Group, to succeed in their rapidly evolving industries. Tech journalist and lecturer Shibani Joshi and thought leader Lisa Anderson will discuss ERP trends and more with SAP experts to reveal the first steps to moving to SAP S/4HANA.

CX: Make an Investment in Customer Experience and Give Customers the Freedom to Choose You

While the future of business evolves, the need to continually meet customer expectations with relevant, timely, and personal experiences remains consistent. Customers still need the freedom to choose every step of their journey. Organizations still strive to create individual experiences from their customers’ point of view through better understanding, closer engagement, and successful delivery. Leaders in customer experience share best practices to make sure no customer is left behind.

Industries: Respond to Change and Transform Across Industries

Successful organizations across all industries recover, respond, and reimagine themselves to deliver the best possible results. SAP customers, SAP partners, industry thought leaders, and technology experts examine what you can do to become an intelligent and resilient enterprise.

Intelligent Enterprise: Respond, Recover, and Reimagine Business in the New Transformation

In good times and challenging ones, all businesses have the same goal: to run at their best. An intelligent enterprise strategy is the key to delivering outstanding results, unlocking new sources of growth, and leading in your industry. Whether you are looking to reimagine your business or adapt to the demands of the new economy, you can start here.

Experience Management: Break the Obsession with Measurement with the Qualtrics XM System of Action

Discovering how the world’s best brands are going beyond chasing scores is paramount today. Instead, successful companies are creating a culture where employees systematically search for and eliminate experience gaps.

Business Technology Platform: Turn Data Quickly into Business Value with SAP's Business Technology Platform

Organizations needs to be agile during periods of rapid change to survive and thrive in any new business reality. Our Business Technology Platform offers a portfolio of business and technology solutions that support your demands for flexible database and data management, analytics, integration, and extensions. Selected customers explain how they have achieved agility in their businesses without sacrificing integrity.

Supply Chain and Manufacturing: Create a Resilient Supply Chain to Succeed in Times of Uncertainty

The supply chain has never been more top of mind for businesses, as disruption exposed its strengths and weaknesses. Networks and Industry 4.0 can help you address supply chain resilience and recovery and reimagine processes to help your business thrive.

Small and Midsize Enterprises: Discover New Opportunities at the Intersection of Change and Technology

With “business as usual” becoming obsolete, small and midsize companies must reimagine how they operate and engage with customers. Technology can help your business and people be more flexible and meet changing customer needs. Gain insight from thought leaders, analysts, and customers on how they identify and pivot during critical times to seize new opportunities, where technology meets change.

Thrive with SAP Services and Support by Your Side

The biggest challenges of today require businesses to be resilient, flexible, and agile in an uncertain economic and social environment. SAP is responding with services and support offerings to help customers navigate the needs of today, maximize their intelligence to innovate, and help ensure a course for future growth.

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Read the new book by Jim Hagemann Snabe

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