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Teknoloji devriminin merkezinde yer alan kurumsal yazılım lideri SAP; karmaşıklığın olumsuz etkileriyle mücadele, inovasyon ve büyüme alanında yeni fırsatlar ve rekabet avantajını koruma açısından şirketlere yardımcı oluyor. Şirket haberleri, yatırımcı ve analist bilgileri, kariyer fırsatları, SAP’nin tarihi gibi konularda bilgi almak için kurumsal web sitemizi ziyaret edin. Global Sitemizi ziyaret edin. Diller:

Hristo Rikev

Software Developer, SAP Cloud Platform, Sofia, Bulgaria

I work daily with amazing people and I feel we can push into exciting opportunities before anybody else.

Hristo Rikev
Sofia, Bulgaria

Meet Hristo Rikev, Software Developer at SAP, with more than three years’ experience at the company.

Hristo started working for SAP as an intern in 2014 and half a year later took over the position of Software Developer. “The focus of the company is moving on with the technologies of the future – like Machine Learning and Big Data. For the time I’ve been working for SAP I’ve seen many new projects and I really like all the challenges and opportunities I have in my everyday job. The fact that projects like SAP Cloud Platform are setting the future of enterprise software in the cloud environment is even more motivating.”, says Hristo.

The fact that SAP is moving forward along with the significant world changes and digitalization is something that really inspires Hristo. “I am lucky to work in a company that is a global leader and driver of change for better people’s lives. I work daily with amazing people and I feel we can push into exciting opportunities before anybody else.”

Hristo shares that he sees SAP as a company which takes care of its employees like no other – especially of their health and the health of their families. “Our working space is amazing, I believe our office is one of the best offices you can work in. Having the newest hardware, working on top line machine, comfort in every way.”, shares he.

Working at such a big company as SAP gives every colleague the opportunity to find other colleagues with similar interests. This is also important for Hristo, who finds himself and other colleagues getting together after work or on weekends to explore the world and share their hobbies. As he says, “from photography to mountain hiking, it doesn’t matter what interests you have – you can always find some other colleague with the same.”

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