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Stephan Daub

Technology Architect SAP Technology & Innovation

Stephan's story

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.

I love the fusion of hardware and software – producing something sophisticated end-to-end and see it working in practice.

Stephan Daub

Did you know that equestrian fans and audiences from the around the world can now engage with equestrian events both onsite and from home? Riders and fans can receive real-time results, stats, and predictions, along with experiencing the course “from the saddle” with augmented reality rides. All of this is possible due to a powerful state-of-the-art of SAP technology scenario.

Meet Stephan Daub, the inventor and mastermind behind the technology of transforming the fan and equestrian riders’ experience. Stephan is a Technology Architect for the Technology & Innovation group and has been with SAP for more than two decades now. Stephan loves solving technical challenges, which has led him to create the SAP Equestrian Analytics – Cross-Country Live Tracking, which is a dedicated tracking app that allows fans to follow the riders live on the courses, providing real-time information such as individual routes, speeds, or time deltas. Stephan was able to pursue his passion for technology by also designing and creating the sophisticated tracking sensors in his spare time, and ultimately putting forth an augmented reality format with the helmet camera videos. This technology has tremendously helped athletes and coaches review and optimize their performances, which has boosted the sport significantly.

Stephan however would not be able to showcase his revolutionary technology without the help of Henrike Paetz, Director of Global Sponsorship Partnerships. Henrike focuses more on the marketing and budgeting side of the sponsorship partnerships, while Stephan is the “techie guy” and loves the mix of hardware and software. “I love the fusion of hardware and software – producing something sophisticated end-to-end and see it working in practice” says Stephan. While Henrike hates reading manuals, Stephan loves reading manuals. Their differences are the key factor which allow them to remain a power duo. Through their dynamic collaboration and complementary skills, Henrike and Stephan continue to lead the way in transforming the digital fan experience for the equestrian industry all while making the sport even more visible.

Beyond work, Stephan loves collecting things since childhood that he just can’t let go. In addition, Stephan’s fierce passion to solve problems and determination for creating sophisticated electronic prototypes that he developed since he was a child continues to drive him to this day to create revolutionary technology. Stephan is a man who is always up for a challenge. Looking back at the many challenges that Stephan and Henrike faced when implementing their revolutionary SAP equestrian technology Stephan is proud to say that together they were able to turn “challenges into chances.”

Meet Henrike Paetz, Director of Global Sponsorship Partnerships and co-inventor with Stephan Daub in evolving the equestrian story and the technology behind. Together, they are continuously revolutionizing the equestrian fan experience by helping equestrian professionals run their best.

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