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Anton Belousov

Business Support Specialist, Customer Success

Anton's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.

There is a culture of self-reliance and independence at SAP, but there will always be people who will nurture you.

Anton Belousov

When I moved to Germany in 2012 to pursue my Master’s degree, I barely spoke a word of German. I come from Belarus where our primary languages are Russian and Belarusian, and I am fluent in English too. For many local companies, this would have put me at a disadvantage, but SAP’s global, multi-cultural, and diverse mindset welcomed me as a working student with open arms. Five years on, I am a full-time employee, speak decent German, and believe that effective communication can transcend global boundaries, and cultural backgrounds, and is key to customer satisfaction and success.

I work in the Global Customer Engagement team, which serves as a single touchpoint for our customers. SAP offers many complex solutions that solve a variety of business needs. It is my job to understand what each customer requires to transform their business, and to identify the right team within our organization to deliver the best solution. To succeed in this role, you must actively listen and constantly question. You must be honest and critical of the situation at every step of the way. A question I always ask myself is: “Is what I’m doing now what the customer really needs?” This is very much in line with SAP’s ‘How We Run’ behaviors – to tell it like it is, stay curious and keep the promise.

As with any high-tech company, there is a steep learning curve when you first join SAP. I am still learning new things every day and SAP offers many opportunities for training and personal development. Regardless of your background, technical or otherwise, you are welcome and encouraged to learn about innovative technologies that are changing our world, from blockchain to IoT, machine learning and even SAP’s proprietary S4/HANA.

There is a culture of self-reliance and independence at SAP, but there will always be people who will nurture you. As a newcomer, you will receive as much guidance as you need, but once you’re confident in your role, your manager will let you embark on your own journey and define your own style of work. SAP’s culture is very supportive but flexible, which is what makes it great. What motivates me to come to work every day is the opportunity to explore new topics, new customer requests, and new technical solutions that I did not know existed. I also love that my work produces tangible results, and I can see the impact that I make for the company and our customers.

Outside of work I play bass guitar in two bands. Music is a way to use another part of my brain, and it is also one of the purest forms of communication. I like that you can understand music from the melody alone. When I listen to a song, I try to understand why the composer wrote certain musical elements into the arrangement. It can come from a very deep and very personal place, and I find it endlessly fascinating. Music is also an avenue to connect with people. My band has played at the local Stadtfest, a German-style city festival where everyone comes together to have a drink, listen to music, relax and have fun. We also performed at a SAP department event last year, which was a rewarding experience.

Many people think they are not connected to SAP, but every time we buy something, it is likely that it has touched an SAP system. When we talk about helping the world run better, and improving people’s lives it goes beyond helping our customers. Yes, we improve the lives of people who use our products every day, but we are also improving lives of the regular man and woman on the street by helping businesses run better.

If you are interested in a career at SAP, my advice is to come with an open mind. The world is changing, the economy is changing and the company is changing. What you will be doing today is likely to change in three years’ time. That is what makes working at SAP interesting and exciting. As long as you are passionate about what you do, I believe you can bring everything you are and be everything you want at SAP.

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