SAP User Experience Management by Knoa

Get the insights you need to boost user efficiency – with our user experience management software

Improve the performance of your SAP software – and your end users – with the SAP User Experience Management application by Knoa. Assess how an application performs for each person – separating real usability issues from opinions – and take corrective action to ensure that you get the full value from your SAP products.

  • Monitor user-application interaction and collect contextual information to identify user issues
  • Measure software response times to get insight into system issues and their impact on users
  • Get reports with immediate, actionable information for closing gaps in efficiency and performance
  • Maximize training investment by pinpointing actual training needs
  • Provide executives with insight about application usage, adoption, and policy compliance
  • Lower end-user support costs and reduce calls to the help desk
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  • SAP User Experience Management by Knoa: Measure the Performance of All Users, All the Time
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Businesswoman explaining research results

Improve Business Results by Boosting Efficiency

Learn more about SAP User Experience Management by Knoa – and how it can help you monitor user performance in your SAP solutions. Collect the facts you need to better evaluate how people work and to help improve the user experience.

Roofers working on a house

Johns Manville: Improving End-User Experience

One of the most trusted names in insulation and roofing, Johns Manville is committed to both customer and employee satisfaction. So when looking to improve and accelerate process change as well as user adoption of SAP solutions, they invested in the SAP User Experience Management application by Knoa.

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Humans Are Not Robots

The goal of technological innovations is to make our tasks faster, easier, better, more fun, or more productive, but sometimes this doesn't happen. Learn about the broad range of powerful, next-generation tools, services, and resources SAP Education offers to help you energize your software implementation, activate your workforce, and maximize the potential of all your SAP solutions.

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