SAP Learning Hub

Provide flexible, on-demand SAP software with SAP Learning Hub

Deliver SAP enablement anywhere in the world with SAP Learning Hub – our cloud-based learning offering. The hub gives everyone from business users to IT pros instant online access to SAP’s vast knowledge base and learning content – so you can shrink costs and bypass training hurdles such as scheduling and travel.

  • Eliminate up-front infrastructure and development costs with subscription-based pricing
  • Easily monitor individual learning consumption and track progress
  • Leverage up to 4,500 SAP training titles, including e-learning and course handbooks
  • Offer 24/7 access to online learning content, tools, and services
  • Personalize each employee’s training environment
  • Take advantage of dynamic social learning opportunities and optional access to live training systems
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    Woman using a tablet outdoors

    SAP Learning Hub: Overview FAQ

    Browse answers to the most frequently asked questions about SAP Learning Hub. Learn everything you need to get started: from info on our fixed-rate subscription fees, to technical requirements and how the site can support up to thousands of users.

    Thierry Coupey, Peerless Clothing Inc.

    Peerless Clothing: Unlimited Training Access

    See how Peerless Clothing, as subscribers of SAP Learning Hub, have unlimited access to several thousand training options and can dramatically reduce the per earner cost and have a year round SAP enablement solution instead of only making use of one of training events.

    Students working on a project

    Blog: Enriching Your Learning Ecosystem

    I have been writing for some time about innovation and its impact on learning. Social collaboration, the cloud, massive open online course (MOOC)-style learning that reaches wider audiences – this explosion of innovation has been altering our view of learning and changing the roles of traditional players.

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