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Streamline compliance with regulatory and e-government requirements

Adhere to the specific mandates of each country and government agency

In many countries, invoices, tax documents, payroll, and delivery notes must be electronically registered with government authorities. Every country has unique standards with varying privacy, security, information, and legal requirements, making it challenging for global companies to help ensure documents are formatted and transmitted compliantly.

Accelerate government document compliance

Deliver digital documentation safely to government and regulatory agencies while meeting various compliance requirements. You can simplify and streamline operations for differing government agencies around the world to help reduce costs.

  • Comply effortlessly with different regulations from around the world
  • Safeguard communications with government agencies
  • Reduce the operational cost, effort, and complexity of meeting your compliance needs 

Why SAP?

Below are suggested solutions from SAP that are key to streamlining your eGovernment compliance requirements, helping ensure documents comply with government mandates and regulations and are delivered on time.


SAP Integration Suite 

  • Transmit electronic documents correctly and securely while automating and optimizing information exchange
  • Facilitate document management, track regulatory standards, and implement any changes as they arise
  • Standardize the digital registration of documents 

SAP Document Compliance

  • Run electronic compliance processes as an integral part of finance and logistics
  • Meet the specific requirements of each country and government agency with greater ease

See how customers are succeeding with SAP

Find out how Sun Chemical transformed its legacy piecemeal compliance efforts into a more streamlined and automated process.

  • 30% faster document processing for the accounts payable department
  • 10% reduction in the invoice processing cycle
  • 24,000 low-value activities eliminated

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