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SAP HANA version 2.0 SPS 05

What's new in SAP HANA version 2.0 SPS 05

Learn how the enhancements in this latest support package can help you act with intelligence, modernize for agility, and scale cost-efficiently.

SPS 05: Database Enhancements

Database management

  • Optimize SAP HANA memory usage and leverage warm storage for older data with SAP HANA native storage extension, now also supported in scale-out systems, including a host-specific configuration.

High availability and disaster recovery

  • Leverage SAP HANA system replication capabilities, such as multitarget replication, secondary time travel, invisible take-over, or take-over with handshake, more easily with SAP HANA cockpit.
  • Manage, automate, and orchestrate SAP HANA system replication, database refreshes, and client updates with SAP Landscape Management, and benefit from simplified operations and reduced downtime. Refresh an SAP HANA database using third-party backup tools with the BACKINT SDK for SAP HANA software.

Backup and recovery

  • Back up and restore your SAP HANA database directly to and from the Amazon S3 object store using the BACKINT SDK for SAP HANA. Scale up easily, buy additional storage if required, and access your cloud backup from anywhere. Manage your backup transfer securely and cost-efficiently via the SSL protocol and by using SAP HANA cockpit, SAP HANA studio, or SQL commands.

Infrastructure efficiency

  • Analyze and confirm proper infrastructure for SAP HANA with the SAP HANA hardware and cloud measurement tool. Obtain details and possible explanations for certain KPIs and optimize your hardware and cloud landscape accordingly.
  • Reduce downtime, while restarting the database, by utilizing different options, such as Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory, Linux OS based tmpfs  (filesystem mapped to memory), or IBM vPMEM on Power 9.

Administration, monitoring, and security

  • Experience improved usability and leverage investments in the latest memory and storage hardware technologies with new enhancements to SAP HANA cockpit. Manage the buffer cache of SAP HANA native storage extension with a visual configuration editor. Examine SAP HANA table and column sizes in persistent memory with a new persistent memory monitor. Apply alert definitions across multiple databases and new visual and threshold indicators for performance metrics.
  • Improve productivity when working with SQL statements by providing visibility into the metadata of database objects with the database explorer in SAP HANA.
  • Reduce performance analysis efforts through better access to information and improved navigation in SAP HANA performance management tools, and enjoy greater accuracy and speed of replayed captured workloads.
  • Protect your data with comprehensive built-in encryption, including full data at rest encryption. For extended key management using external key servers, the local secure store for SAP HANA is now available. Take control of your encryption keys with SAP Data Custodian key management service.
  • Configure audit policies and user groups more quickly with new wizards in SAP HANA cockpit.

SPS 05: Application Development and Tool Enhancements

  • Save time creating roles and object rights with a graphical role editor in SAP Web IDE.
  • Improve productivity of SQL query performance for root cause analysis with the SQL Plan Analyzer Visual Studio code plug-in. Quickly analyze overall query execution performance results and narrow down bottlenecks with visually intuitive information, and share with others through bookmarks.
  • Benefit from the most recent updates to SAP Web IDE, such as support for the Node.js 12 runtime environment, SAPUI5 1.7, and an enterprise-ready tool kit for Web controls.
  • Deploy the SAP HANA client from additional public repositories, such as and PyPI, and utilize .NET Core on Linux and Mac.
  • Increase performance of queries and reduce resource consumption with the new static cache for calculation views. Develop calculation views at large scale more effectively with a new Java API. Safeguard data protection through visualization of column encryption.

SPS 05: Advanced Analytics Processing

Spatial and graph processing and services

  • Reduce configuration and installation efforts and benefit from performance improvements and extended integration capabilities into open-source applications with the new features of SAP HANA spatial services, such as a spatial reference system catalog, advanced index (Rtree, Hilbert) and open-source support (including GeoServer and DBeaver), Voronoi diagram/cells for K-means clustering, and geohash functions.
  • Experience an increased performance of graph and business network analytics and additional functions for optimized graph traversal and relationship analysis.

Predictive analytics and machine learning

  • Experience higher productivity as an application developer or data scientist and achieve increased transparency via unified interfaces for all classification and clustering algorithms.
  • Address new, real-time learning use cases through online learning functions, such as time series analysis.
  • Increase business insight with Python and R machine learning clients for SAP HANA, providing more complete function coverage and visualizations.

SPS 05: Data Management Enhancements

Hybrid SAP HANA Cloud extensions

  • Leverage your on-premise investment, while still taking advantage of the flexibility of the cloud, with hybrid scenarios.
  • Utilize SAP HANA Cloud as a single gateway to all data.
  • Augment on-premise SAP HANA data sets by utilizing SAP HANA Cloud as a data gateway, providing access to such remote targets as AWS Athena and Google BigQuery.
  • Load large data sets from cloud object stores, such as Azure Blob Storage, ADLS gen 2, or AWS S3, supported by SAP HANA Cloud for extended data analysis, providing large-scale analysis of that data with full SQL support.
  • Replicate data from SAP HANA to SAP HANA Cloud more simply and in real time.

SAP HANA smart data access

  • Identify and resolve inconsistencies of virtual table definitions easily.
  • Reduce total network transfer size and improve performance with join relocation for multiple non-SAP HANA remote sources.
  • Prerequisite: Only applicable when the remote connections are based on SAP HANA smart data access built-in ODBC adapters and the remote sources support the temporary table creation.

SAP HANA smart data integration

  • Experience improved usability by accessing and managing the data provisioning agent through a Web interface inside your network and perform a number of data provisioning agent management functions without accessing the operating system, avoiding effort and regulation breaches.
  • Safeguard data consistency between sources and targets using the new data assurance adapter through a dedicated view for data assurance in the monitoring UI application for SAP HANA smart data integration.

SAP HANA smart data quality

  • Perform address cleansing and geocoding using microservices for location data in more than 240 countries.
  • Use the new transformation cleanse in flowgraphs to cost-effectively address cleanse and geocoding in hybrid scenarios.
  • Prerequisite: SAP Data Quality Management, microservices for location data is an SAP data cleansing service that requires a separate subscription.

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