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SAP Process Orchestration System Requirements

View technical requirements documentation to implement, manage, and configure SAP Process Orchestration.

Process orchestration implementation

Find out how you can implement and optimize SAP Process Orchestration to consolidate and govern your master data and ensure data quality and consistency.

Guided deployment and data connectivity

Understand the specific data requirements for a successful deployment of the application, as well as overall data capture and flow and product configuration.

Optimized configuration and deployment

Prepare your team to get the most value from your configuration and deployment of the latest release of SAP Process Orchestration.

Plan your implementation

Help ensure a successful implementation by tapping into the expertise and experience that SAP has acquired from decades of standardizing processes.

Review the master guide

Get started with implementing SAP Process Orchestration by learning about use cases and installable product instances.

Identify the relevant guide

Find the document you need to install, upgrade, or patch SAP Process Orchestration. Filter by application server stack, operating system, or database.

Confirm that you have a license key

To request permanent license keys, you need authorization under myProfile. To extend your authorization, please contact an SAP user administrator.

Product Security

Explore our holistic, in-depth approach to protecting your data privacy, ensuring transparency, and complying with audit controls.

Secure your distributed systems

Get the information you need to maintain the required security for your SAP Process Orchestration software.

Deployment Options

Choose how to deploy SAP Process Orchestration based on your business needs

On Premise

SAP Process Orchestration can be deployed by installing or adding the corresponding usage types to an existing SAP NetWeaver system. SAP Process Orchestration runs on one system. Deployment on more that one system is not supported. 

Integration Options

SAP’s integration platform offerings address the growing integration demands of hybrid landscapes that span both cloud and on premise deployments.

Run integration scenarios in hybrid environments

  • SAP Process Orchestration and SAP Integration Suite are complementary offerings supporting enterprise application integration
  • SAP Process Orchestration is used for any-to-any integration needs with a focus on A2A and B2B integration projects
  • SAP Integration Suite specifically addresses cloud-to-cloud and on premise-to-cloud applications 
  • SAP Process Orchestration version 7.5 and higher also supports the cloud integration runtime of SAP Integration Suite, giving you the choice of deploying integration content for your cloud applications using either of the two offerings
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