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Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

How to transform data into insights with Machine Learning

SAP HANA offers an end-to-end solution for developing and deploying high-value predictive analytics and machine learning programs. The machine learning capabilities in SAP HANA enable data scientists and application developers to build, train, and manage machine learning models, where data is persisted.
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Data Input

Gain support for a variety of data types with the ability to analyze high speed event streams from sensors, and other sources – combine your static and streaming data to build machine learning algorithms that predict in real-time with the ability to scale for large data sets.

Machine Learning

Combined with the ability to analyze any type of data and seamlessly integrate with Hadoop, R, and SAS – leverage 90+ native machine learning algorithms, and extension capabilities via open source R integration, or custom develop algorithms in C++ using a SDK.

Data Output

Integrate models into apps written on SAP HANA or deployed into SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming for real-time predictions on streaming data. SAP Predictive Analytics ensures models perform as expected, and can be re-trained as needed. 

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Discover why SAP is a leader

Read what leading industry analyst firms say about predictive analytics, and discover why analyst reports have positioned SAP as a leader in predictive and advanced analytics.  

Use predictive analytics libraries (PAL)

Forecast future outcomes. Leverage predictive analytics libraries (PAL) in SAP HANA to perform data mining and statistical calculations on large data sets within real-time applications.  

Run your business smarter

Learn approaches on making the move to analytics powered by machine learning – improve your productivity by automating processes, optimizing recommendations, and uncovering new opportunities, risks, and trends. 

Extend further with External Machine Learning Library (EML)

SAP HANA External Machine Learning Library enables you to integrate an external machine learning framework, Google TensorFlow, with SAP HANA.

Spatial Data Processing

Act with live spatial intelligence

Spatial processing with SAP HANA allows you to act with live spatial intelligence. Gain situational awareness by enriching business data with spatial data and analyzing it in context

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Discover spatial solutions from SAP

SAP HANA's advanced analytical processing power can perform rapid calculations in real-time to find answers important to your business. With SAP HANA you can also create applications that visual insights, leveraging spatial and business data to make informed decisions.

Adopt advanced spatial capabilities

Choose geospatial systems and data suppliers at any time by leveraging open spatial standards within a modern platform. Blend SAP and non-SAP geographic data systems and data types with this source-agnostic, in-memory solution. Use SAP HANA as the enterprise geodatabase for market-leading solutions.

Create location-aware business applications

See how reinsurer Munich Re is currently leveraging geospatial satellite data provided by the European Space Agency through the Earth Observation Analysis service, a cloud service powered by the SAP HANA platform. The service enables Munich Re to more accurately calculate costs and risks related to wildfires – and even gain insights into the future probability of wildfires.

Supercharge your business apps

Discover how you can use spatial analysis functionality in SAP HANA to analyze disparate business, customer, and location-based data sources, helping you make smarter and faster decisions, save time and money, and increase revenue.

Text Analytics and Search

Get faster, broader insights from text

Harness the value of all your business data. With SAP HANA, you can perform text analysis, text mining, and search to discover new insights from unstructured documents. And, when you process both structured and unstructured data in one platform, you can gain broader, contextual insights to improve decision making while benefiting from less data duplication and movement.
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Discover SAP HANA Text Analytics

Uncover consumer insights with SAP HANA's text analysis algorithms. SAP HANA's sentiment analysis algorithms can analyze thousands of social media posts, apply machine learning capabilities to break the data into categories, and use the data to determine the best routes to reach the most customers.

Text analysis

Unlock text hidden in almost any enterprise file format with automated document filtering. When text is processed, SAP HANA gives structure to unstructured text by applying linguistic markup and extracting core entities such as people, organizations, or dates. SAP HANA also classifies relationships among entities for sentiment analysis.

Text mining

Make semantic determinations about the overall content of documents relative to other documents. Use text mining functions to detect patterns, identify key terms, or categorize documents.


Perform full-text or fuzzy search much like you would when searching on the Internet to discover key information. Use a full-text index to pre-process text linguistically, using techniques such as tokenization, word stemming, and normalization.

Series Data Processing

Detect and forecast trends in data

Measure data over time to discover trends that can save you time and money. With SAP HANA series data processing, you can efficiently process large volumes of series data in conjunction with business data to assess business impact. Whether you are monitoring price fluctuations, season patterns, machine efficiency, energy consumption, or network flow, the ability to monitor data over time lets you discover and exploit patterns to your competitive advantage.

Get the details

Learn more about how you can work with series data in SAP HANA – and discover new trends and patterns by analyzing data over a period of time.  

Streaming Data Processing

Extract real-time insight from streaming data

Gain insight from event streams in real time – with a highly scalable processing engine in the SAP HANA platform that allows you to capture, analyze, and act on information streaming in from many sources. With SAP HANA streaming analytics, you can identify emerging threats and opportunities as they happen, and respond immediately. Streaming data is continuously compared and correlated to data in the SAP HANA database, so your business can detect anomalies in real time and act accordingly.  
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React in real time

Learn more about how SAP HANA streaming analytics analyzes streaming data and continuously correlates it with your business data.

Discover why SAP is a leader

High-velocity streaming data from IoT requires the power of in-memory. Read the Forrester Wave report and find out why SAP is positioned as a leader in event processing.

Join our developer center

Learn how to incorporate smart stream capture and active event monitoring, alerting, and event-driven response into SAP HANA applications.

Turn high-volume data into action

The SAP HANA streaming analytics option gives you the ability to collect, monitor, and understand streams of data as it is generated to identify correlations and enable immediate insight and action.

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