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Use Case for SAP Cloud Platform Java Server

Port an on-premise application to the cloud

Enable ISV's to serve new and existing customers while increasing revenue

Independent software vendors (ISVs) respond to a competitive landscape daily, ensuring mission-critical applications are maintained and meet global legal regulations. ISVs need flexibility in both deployment as well as in pricing models that customers prefer - while maintaining a low total cost of ownership.

  • Leverage a cloud-enabled SaaS solution option for customers
  • Accelerate delivery of ISV business applications
  • Automate the software-provisioning process via the SAP App Center
  • Centerally managed software updates

Solve the problem with SAP Cloud Platform

What is the challenge?

Customers expect business applications to be fast, effective, and easy to deploy and maintain, all while offering flexible pricing and deployment options.

What is the solution?

Deploy a cloud-enabled solution based in SAP Cloud Platform, accelerating the delivery of business applications to customers - while automating the provisioning process.

What is the outcome?

Simplify software deployment with minimal hardware. Easily provision applications with no IT support to lower costs and seamlessly integrate into existing SAP data.

A clipboard stating the bill of material

Bill of material for SAP Cloud Platform licensing

See what SAP Cloud Platform components you may need for your use case.

Runtimes and Containers (Java Server)

Virtualized hardware resources used by a Java application. Licensing metrics are instances.

SAP HANA Database

The most advanced in-memory database fully managed across multiple clouds. Licensing metrics are memory in 16 GB blocks.

Virtual Machines

Provide virtualized hardware resources to install and maintain Linux-based software. Licensing metrics are instances.

Document Service

Store and manage documents, unstructured data, and semi-structured data. Licensing metrics are GB storage.

Pricing and Packaging

Estimate your price

Customers can use the SAP Cloud Platform pricing estimator to calculate the required investment for a particular project. Scale up or down on services as required. Consult your SAP Account Executive regarding your specific licensing needs.

See additional options and products


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