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Higher Education and Research

Optimize your higher education institution’s value for all students by tapping into advanced analytics and insights.

Explore the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on education worldwide

Individual departments will no longer be autonomous and independent

SAP enables higher education institutions to integrate educational skills and real-time job experiences in collaboration with public and private businesses.

See how customers are succeeding with SAP

Get the facts

>4.7 %

increase in GDP attributed to the doubling of universities within a region.

Royal Economic Society


hours spent by students each day, using their mobile phones on campus.

The New Media Consortium

70 %

of students say study technology should be more personalized, like social media feeds.

McGraw Hill Education

Lead and shape a digital educational environment with open knowledge sharing

Optimize experiences with intelligent technologies

Embrace AI and machine learning and emphasize hands-on experience to help students prepare for the jobs of the future and take advantage of new opportunities.

Find higher education and research software tailored to your needs

Create new ways for staff and students to communicate, interact, and collaborate while driving successful outcomes for higher education and research.


Enable in-depth coordination and integration of facilities and services, as well as superior client engagement, by leveraging advanced analytics on a flexible in-memory computing platform that ensures efficient operations and successful outcomes for students and faculty.  

SAP Student Activity Hub

Achieve desired educational outcomes by giving administrators, advisors, and data analysts a single, comprehensive overview of student progress. By collating data from disparate systems, you can synthesize information and perform advanced analysis to develop effective programs and procedures.

Jump-start your transition to an intelligent enterprise

Accelerate implementation time, reduce risks, and get ready for your digital journey with SAP Model Company services.

SAP Model Company services

Become a digital leader with a prepackaged service that delivers predefined end-to-end business processes, test cases, configuration guidelines, and project accelerators for your industry. 

How is SAP leading digital transformation?

Realize your potential with the Intelligent Enterprise

Embrace next-generation technologies by becoming an intelligent enterprise with industry expertise from SAP. As your trusted innovation partner, SAP can help you launch a digital platform, so you can chart your future without bounds.

Solve your specific higher education and research needs

Enable the digital campus with SAP and Apple

Find out how the partnership between SAP and Apple allows educational institutions to provide students with mobile access to information on everything from courses to IT requests.

Get the latest news and trends from experts

Ronald Lok
Strategic Account Manager – Public Services

Transform a smart city with its own smart citizens

Explore how emphasizing education and creativity is a vital part of preparing people for their roles in shaping the smart cities of the future.

Communities and Events

Join the SAP Community

Learn how SAP Community, the social network for SAP professionals, changes the way thousands of SAP users work every day.

Manage your higher education and research organization enterprise-wide

Explore our comprehensive solutions for all business processes across all industries to find the solutions you need to build a connected business.

Human Resources

Simplify HR processes and engage your workforce to drive better business results, empower your workforce, and develop your talent.


Bring together financial processes with automated, real-time analytics, and translate them into forward-looking business insight across the entire organization.

Procurement and Networks

Streamline procurement processes across your organization, driving compliance and control while cutting costs and risks.


Take advantage of in-depth data analysis, predictions, and processing of complex events, and combine data from a variety of sources into one, integrated platform.

Database and Data Management

Leverage business applications that use the latest technology advancements – including the SAP HANA platform, cloud, mobile, and more.

Application Development and Integration

Deploy high-velocity, intelligent edge applications using business and technology services.

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